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The Human Being In Danger
Overcome The Metabolic Acidosis
Part two: The Mother of All Diseases: Metabolic Acidosis and Its Amendment

Date: 18/06/2012

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I was talking about small pH deviations toward acidosis, which in a chronic form, affects human being , and about the different pathologies this gave rise to, but as a matter of fact they are the majority of those affecting human being, as a child, adult or aged. Pathologies which actually are meant to be responses or adaptive processes to the mentioned acidosis as they are produced along its regulating process leading the pH balance equilibrium toward its normal values, that is, in other words, helping its normal rhythm in between slight acidosis and slight alkalosis around the neutral normal value, in blood about 7,4, actually the only way for our metabolism proper functioning, that is to say the totality of biochemical reactions since all these pH changes are the genuine motor of our organism. Out of this view point we must consider majority of diseases something like a tax we must pay to recover the normal functioning of our organism when pH system is wrong because it is altered, that is, when the normal balance equilibrium rhythm in between slight acidosis and slight alkalosis is disturbed and diverted. Generally speaking this deviation we’re talking about leading to countless diseases, mainly chronic type, is produced toward acidosis. Although by sure it might be produced as well toward alkalosis but that is much less frequent.


They are small pH deviations or small alterations of the standard or physiological deviation because in case those deviations are very extensive then we must speak of other pathologies or acute conditions endangering life, before which we must act immediately since they require hospital admission. To bring an example, it is something similar to a machine in need of certain gaps within its own pieces so that they could keep functioning. In the case of “human machine” the need is to keep iving. Nor the cancer itself escapes this general rule. Physiological biochemical mechanisms of pH regulation are always the same but, in normal, they work with low intensity since standard normal and forced pH deviation is small and only an small correction is needed to recover the proper “tic-tac” That is, the slight movement from one side to the other, but when pH alteration persists, as it does in acidosis, compels more intensive amendments and for a longer period of time producing biochemical disturbances mainly due to the reserves exhaustion of certain vital and essential compounds such as glutathione, glutamine, glutamic acid, nitric oxide, etc. leading to accumulate certain toxic substances such as the most destructive free radicals. But mainly the production of immunological reactions disturbances Such as the proper inflammation and others. Aiming to make clearly understood everything will be explained along this work, - physiological pH movements around its equilibrium point within the organism,- it might be convenient, even necessary, to open the enclose link dealing with another work of mine containing explicative sheets for a better understanding of my own theories and proper ideas.

We also will speak about extensive pH deviations suddenly produced giving account for extremely serious clinic medical situations when the patients must be taken care of in intensive care units since their life is gravely in danger.


That is far from being the same as those small chronic deviations we already have above mentioned to which the body by itself gets adjusted causing differently seriously and chronic diseases which really, in fact, are adaptive pathologies (just about all we know) as we see them in our daily office work, with quite big invalidating symptomatologies which impair life and inexorably , before or later lead to death.


Among these diseases we find: rheumatics, degenerative, arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis, arthrosis, arthritis, asma, all allergic diseases, all immunological diseases, infectious (viral, due to fungus and bacteria’s), fibromyalgia, cancer, all the diseases taken care of by osteopaths, Alzheimer, Parkinson, sclerosis lateral amyotrophic, sclerosis in places, thrombosis, ulcers, all dermatologic diseases and much many others.


Diseases become different relying upon the affected organ, system or tissue but very many of them are due to the same first cause, as becomes evident by the fact that all of them get adjusted, improved or even cured with the help of the same remedy which would never be possible if there wouldn’t be a common bond in between them, sometimes even with diseases that different as allergic and rheumatic ones, even dermatologic diseases.


For instance, these three mentioned types of diseases get improved with the dietetic product named RESURGEN; theoretically at least from the official medicine view point, they have nothing to do one with other, nevertheless there is a coincidence scientists should have thought about which is that all of them run with inflammation of affected areas.


First cause or origin of these diseases (deviation toward acidosis) has remained hidden to science for many years, on their discharge we must say the genuine functioning of the pH rocking or tic-tac as the metabolism director or rector and its biochemist was not known.


Death is not a natural happening, death is produced by disease Death is due to the organism failure when little by little becomes Impaired due to those pH disarrangements and their subsequent adjustments under the shape of diseases, let us call them accommodation diseases, which years coming along cause the failure of symbiosis in between organs or systems so that the organic building collapse.


In the case of great deviations life is at stake and is necessary regulate that pH fast and effectively what means that the situation presents authentic sharp pictures requiring immediate medical action.


The degree of acidity is an important blood chemical property and of some other organic liquids. Acidity is expressed through pH scale in which 7,0 means neutral point, above that is basic (alkaline) below is acid. A strong acid has pH very low (close to 1,0) while a strong base has pH very high (close to 14,0) Blood according with determinations made by diverse Scientifics Estates, normally is slightly alkaline with pH varying slightly around 7,4. But it seems to me that for clarity and good pedagogy, when It is below 7,4, even if it is over 7, we must speak already about Acidosis, even theoretically still we’re in alkalosis and when it is over that point considered as neutral 7,4 we should speak of alkalosis.


Actually point 7,4 should be called electro neutrality point since pH should be defined as an electric field or even rather electro-magnetic and when it is below 7,4 with abundant electrical positive charges in the form of hydrogen ions, therefore Acidosis should be called positive electromagnetic field and when it does the opposite, above 7,4, that is, alkalosis and abundant negative charges in the form of OH ions, should be called negative electromagnetic field.

Our organism, after my own studies, approximately every 12 hours changes the electromagnetic field from positive to negative and backwards passing twice at point 7,4 of electro neutrality. Is the same as saying every 12 hours.


Changes from acidosis to alkalosis and backwards


The rate of blood acid-base balance is accurately controlled since just an small deviation from the normal scale might seriously affect many organs as we already have explained in some other essay. pH is a most important factor because certain chemical processes can only occur at a certain pH. For instance chlorine reactions only might take place when pH value is in between 6,5 and 8. That is so important we must understand each biochemical reaction In our organism occurs only under a certain pH. Such that the true rector of our biochemistry is the pH condition at all times, now you’ll easily understand why is it that I do defend that is varying every millisecond, fact which, so far, never was mentioned by medical science.

If it would happen that pH should stay with the same steady value all around the 24 hours, life would become just impossible. Biochemical pathways should not move, we would be inert life Which is not life at all. Is therefore its alteration can produce countless pathologies. Static concept of pH, usually accepted by traditional medicine, is not true, in fact it varies along the 24 hours day, such that we wake up in acidosis and gradually becomes transformed in alkalosis at sunset and we become drowsy. Occurring after along the night the opposite, that alkalosis is transformed into acidosis to be maximum at waking. This pH racking over 24 hours are produced by biochemical cycle I discovered in the year 1984 and that is the alpha cetoglutharato Cycle.


Sleepiness is produced by alkalosis and that is because the Neuron has not capacity to produce amender lactic acid since It is strictly aerobic and only strict or facultative anaerobic cells have that power. This is one of the causes why The neurons suffer from tumours, not so other brain cells such as the glia ones. As tumour produces lactic acid while the neuron, as we said, does not. Because you must understand that almost all known pathologies Follow with acidosis, also curiously, just about all of them with Inflammation becoming evidential in blood test with increasing Protein C reactive, homocysteine, LDH, sedimentation rate and Others, all of them inflammation indexes. And you must consider that inflammation is the immunity first phase that is to say: of the defense. We’ll speak about that, already there was much talk along the Conference and about how might be corrected the acidosis as well as inflammation to relieve and resolve many diseases. The body uses three mechanisms to control the blood acid-base equilibrium:


renal mechanism

buffer systems (the most important one bicarbonate buffer)

3º the lung


First of all the excess acid is excreted by the kidneys, mainly in the form of ammonium ion. Kidneys have large capacity to alter the amount of acid or base should be excreted, but usually Takes several days, nevertheless that is the main and definitive pH regulating system, we’ll see as there are other more rapid regulation methods, such as the buffer systems and the lung but not as effective and conclusive as the kidney method by ammonia excretion in the form of ammonium ion, which, in fact when altered results in very serious situations or diseases, needing in some cases supplement the kidney with a dyalisis machine.


Although the kidney function properly, at sight of a pH pathological deviation, namely higher than standard or normal deviation, this renal mechanism acting to perfection and even get its objective to regulate the pH tic tac, will produce mismatches in vital substances to the survival (glutamine, glutathione, urea, alfacetoglutharato, etc.)


If there exists a good deposit or reserve of those substances nothing will happen but, if there is a lack or severe decrease of them, diseases will appear.


If the pH alteration remains for a long time or perpetuate the renal regulating mechanism, properly working and as a result of its work will produce an expense and lowering of mentioned essential substances deposits so that, years coming along,. Will appear adaptation diseases which in fact are many ot those we know and take care of in our offices.


For instance overconsumption of glutathione which can’t be Adequately replenish results in accumulation of free radicals. Therefore we’ll see how it is that many of diseases start maintaining acidosis for a long time and our pH regulating mechanisms are those which give rise to that precise disease and that occurs because life is only possible in between certain quite narrow pH margins, opposite would be death. Are those masked chronic diseases, degenerative, etc. by alterations of many biochemical parameters:


Overconsumption of glutamine and glutamic acid

Glutathione decline

Rise of free radicals

Nitric oxide descent

Inflammations increase

Immunity alterations,



Whenever there is manifested acidosis, when glutamine goes by means of blood through the kidney, is cleaved into its two components: ammonia and glutamic acid. Ammonia is a gas and must be removed, its formula is Nh3 For what becomes ammonium ion which formula is Nh4 for what It takes one H+ from the blood, that is, one hydrogen ion, Accordingly decline the amount of hydrogen ions in blood.


Decreasing the acidosis

When H+ ions descend, OH- ions increase (for instance that of bicarbonate) and the blood enters in alkalosis. All of this is normal and physiologic, is the normal pH swing. As acidosis decrease, that is to say, it is trying to be regulated, the amount of glutamine decreases if acidosis persists, what means the pH wasn’t properly regulated, necessarily more glutamine will be formed so that it accomplish its proper function and since this is composed by ammonia and glutamic acid depletes the store of this acid, but being glutamic acid an amino acid, component of glutathione, this is as well diminished and being as it is the main driver of the free radicals, These ones mount up causing a multitude of diseases, Lowering the nitric oxide and causing and increase o Inflammatory diseases (just about all of them) That is, the self extreme acidosis regulation or pathological Cause the appearance of all these diseases. On the other side glutamic acid generated by the glutamine hydrolysis, later on, it becomes hydrolysed in the liver generating on one side ammonia which will produce urea And on the other side alfacetoglutarato which is incorporated to the Krebs cycle which will be reactivated , that is to say, accelerated causing the formation of great amount of free radicals which, being besides with low glutathione levels (as we’ve demonstrated) will produce extensive damage in our body. The neutralizers of the harmful free radicals are mainly and above all the glutathione and its enzymes, although as well others such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, ceruloplasmine, reverastrol and many others –etc.


Are most important in doing this same work. If the glutamine system can’t reverse acidity, that means death because we can’t live in perpetual acidosis. Mandatorily to be able to live we must achieve enter in alkalosis Since certain biochemical routes only work under alkalosis, Even restful sleep is produced in alkalosis, as well, for instances Serotonin secretion increase and melatonine, etc.etc. These maintained acidosis causing a large consumption of Glutamine and other imbalances in the effort to revert them toward Alkalosis are responsible of all the above mentioned diseases. What it does happens is quite normal and reasonable, it just means That the body goes through a number of biochemical modifications In order to regulate that altered pH, that is, to recover the normal pH rhythm. If this rhythm is not the adequate one in between certain acidosis and certain alkalosis, biochemical routs will not work properly. In fact many of them can’t even to start functioning while Others might work too much intensively, nervertheless, for the body to be healthy and function correctly all the biochemical routes should function in a consistent manner with a certain rhythm and rate, one after other and keeping certain order.


Certain functions only with the catabolism and some other with anabolism. Some ot them during night, some other along the day, etc. but all of them obey to pH state and only they start o end up when pH acquires a given value. The real authentic rector of our metabolism is pH, is something like an orchestra conductor.


For instance, the gluconeogenesis forming glucogeno (the store of glucose) only functions when the body is on acidosis and the body during the day, that is during wakefulness because during the night shen we sleep the body is in alkalosis and these gluconeogenesis do not function.


During the night, when sleeping, we’re in alkalosis and we do sleep because the neurone goes dormant since it does not support alkalosis and it can’t produce acid to neutralize it as some other cells do , it is unable to produce lactic acid, besides that the Krebs cycle oxygen consuming goes dormant producing very little ATP (energy) that is because this cycle operates at full capacity during the day while in acidosis, when the neurone is awake and its great number of mitochondria’s consume large amounts of oxygen and glucose from the gluconeogenesis.


The pH imbalance toward one side or the other causes all these routes and many others, Improperly functioning for a time but the body can’t allow that to happen and must keep them coming back to normal working for which must inexorably recover normal pH rhythm.


For instance, if because of some reason we’re too long time under acidosis, more than it should be, even surpassing normal rank, that must be amended and this requires a higher glutamine hydrolysis and all of those subsequent we already have explained, so that is achieved pH leading toward alkalosis, but that will cause or convey as a consequence appearance of diseases or rather let us say biological processes of adaptation.


Almost all diseases or at least the most frequent ones, should be considered as adaptation processes or regulation mechanisms of pH swing or rhythm and the most frequent alteration or deregulation is acidosis which normally is produced life according progresses and we enter old age.


If due to some external action administering any product or any other methodology we get to regulate that pH and those diseases will not be necessary. Precisely this is what we obtain with the SPRAY PRODUCT RESURGEN. In order to get to know this product, its indications, doses, way of administering it, please, open the following link: http://www.resurgen.es/en/composicion_en.html The second method our body uses to regulate pH are the buffer solutions in blood in order to dampen abrupt changes of acidity or alkalinity but despite what is being said by sciences, its power of amendment is limited. A buffet acts chemically to minimize pH alterations of a solution.


The blood buffer most important utilizes bicarbonate a basic compound that is in balance with carbon dioxide (an acid compound). The more acid penetrates in blood, the more bicarbonate and the less carbon dioxide produced; the more base penetrates in blood, the more carbon dioxide and the less bicarbonate produced. In both cases the effect on pH is minimized.


The third mechanism to control blood pH involves the excretion of carbon dioxide through the lung.

Carbon dioxide is an important by-product of oxygen metabolism And therefore is constantly produced by the cells in the Krebs aerobic cycle which together with its subsequent biochemical step the oxidative phosphorylation creates a lot of free radicals. Blood transports carbon dioxide to the lungs where it is exhaled and the free radicals are largely neutralized by glutathione and Its enzyme.


Respiratory control centres in the brain regulate the volume of carbon dioxide which is exhaled by controlling the speed and depth of respiration. When increasing breathing carbon dioxide in blood decreases and this becomes more basic. When respiration decreases, carbon dioxide increases and blood becomes more acid.


By modifying the speed and depth of breathing, respiratory control centres and the lungs attempt to regulate blood pH minute by minute, but according with my own studies, these mechanisms are not capable of entirely regulating pH deviations (neither the lung nor buffer mechanisms) and must pass two or three days so that the glutamine mechanism in the kidneys takes care of it.


But fir this a cost must be paid which is the consumption of glutamine, glutathione and those components we’ve previously mentioned. If there is a good reserve in the body for all these chemical components nothing abnormal happens and health is kept, but if the pH alteration is quite large or even being small it is maintained too long time these reserves might be depleted resulting in countless diseases.


As I already have spoken in some other sent essays It is my own judgment the imbalance of our body pH balance towards acidity is in the origin and the mother of almost all diseases of human suffering, therefore in the amendment of that organic pH is the solution of most of those organic sufferings and that is due to those diseases are processes leading pH to normal, but if by any other procedure we get to regulate that pH all those diseases would never be produced.


Respiratory acidosis and alkalosis are mainly caused by lung Disorders or breathing but they are acute conditions, sometimes chronic corrected with reflex breathing increased or decreased Not causing any of those response diseases we’ve mentioned.




The causes of metabolic acidosis can be grouped into three main categories. First of all the amount of acid in our body might increase by an acid ingestion or any other substance which, when metabolized, becomes transformed into acid.


Most of the substances causing acidosis when ingested, are considered poisonous. Examples include wood alcohol (methanol) and the antifreeze (ethylene glycol). Nevertheless an aspirin overdose (acetylsalicylic acid) may cause metabolic acidosis but here we deal with rather very serious acute acidosis requiring immediate medic control often taking the patient to intensive care unit.

Something different we are here dealing with is the genesis of the dangerous and larval chronic acidosis in which are involved, as they say ( all macrobiotic and naturopathic doctors ) feeding too acidic, very little vegetarian, that is why they advice extremely careering our diet to get, as far as possible, a diet slightly alkaline or, at least, less acidic.


There are many publications on this regard, ie dietary guidelines Where is indicated the adequate diet. Secondly, the body can produce increasing amounts of acid through the metabolism. The organism might produce an excess of acid as a result of various diseases; one of them most significative is diabetes mellitus type 1, when it is badly controlled the body breaks down lipids producing acids called ketones; as well produces an excess of acid in advanced stages of shock forming lactic acid through sugar metabolism.


Thirdly, metabolic acidity may be the consequence of the inability Of the kidneys to excrete enough amount of acid. Even with a normal acid production, acidosis might be produced when the kidneys do not work properly, since, as I already said, they are the main regulators of the excess acid in our organism, but, we must keep in mind that, even if the kidneys work properly the very same physiological process of regulation will lower glutamine and the glutathione raising free radicals, etc. and producing most common diseases that plague humanity.


That is, even the kidneys might get regulate acidosis, a number of subsequent problems, therefore, the best part of the story is: not to enter in acidosis.


When the kidney is not able to regulate acidosis being sick, stunted, etc. a certain type of acidosis is produced, named Renal tubular and can be produced in persons running renal impairment or having some other alterations that affect the ability of the kidneys to excrete acid.


According with what we’re seeing large number of diseases are produced in the process of acidosis regulation, that is, according the acid is eliminated by the kidneys.


Another cause, there is an spontaneous tendency by our organism to easily enter in acidosis as aged, so that, child tends to alkalosis While adult tends toward acidosis, the more ancient, the most This is because the child is more aerobic and his Krebs cycles (tricarboxilic) are hyperactive, loosing activity as becoming aged being underactive in adults demanding less amount of oxygen Nevertheless in adult more anaerobic glycolysis takes over without oxygen, producing greater amount of lactic acid.


Symptoms and diagnosis

An individual with metabolic acidosis, mild and chronic (about which we’re talking about) may have no symptoms. Breathing becomes deeper or slightly faster trying to acidify the blood but even this can go unnoticed often. When serious acidosis the patient begins to feel extremely weak and sleepy even may be confused and increasing feelings of nauseas. If acidosis continues to worsen, blood pressure can fall sharply Leading to shock, coma or even death.


Acidosis diagnostic generally requires blood pH determination out of arterial blood sample, usually taken out of the radial artery In the forearm. Arterial blood is used because venous blood does not provide an accurate pH measurement.


But with those slight chronic acidosis, we’re considering in here, in an analysis the pH alteration most probably would be quite small may be not meaningful for doctors because it could be considered within the normal range, since in our conventional medicine never are provided accurate measurements of any body product usually are given approximate values ranging in between a number and another, for instance, for blood sugar, it is considered to be normal in between 0,80 and 1,20 mgr/cc and precisely this shows metabolism go and come back, that is, our body biochemistry isn’t static, just the opposite, it moves in between two tolerable values maximum and minimum. That much it is so, that those “named constants” in conventional medicine in fact do not exist because They are variable.


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