Bovine Calostrum In Cancer Treatment


Bovine Calostrum In Cancer Treatment

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Date: 27/07/12


We already have sent some other essay regarding the glutathione action in cancer and in other pathologies, now I wish to tell you about the bovine colostrums’ action, another RESURGEN component, in cancer treatment and other diseases.


Most probably cancer response is in the immune system itself, trained since millions of years back to face any disease regulating the glutathione in the body (As well as RESURGEN does) immunity becomes regulated.   Capacity also transmitted through the so  called transfer factors, present in breast milk colostrums and which in fact are the ones allowing the new born face an adverse environment precisely when he is weaker.


Bovine colostrums is the milk produced by the cows the first few days after giving birth. Is very rich in antibodies, growth factors and cytocsines and protect the newborn calves from infections.


Evidently still much work is to be done to advance in the field of immunotherapy and of transfer factors, either generic or specific ones, but obtained either from the blood or from the colostrums are proving to be  promising therapeutic tools more than contrasted after 30 years of experience in many pathologies among them, cancer.  But so far have been utilized basically as compensating for the blight caused by quimiotherapy.


I enclose for you a work completed by Antonio Muro, published by the magazine Discovery Salud on the use of transfer factors and bovine colostrums in cancer treatment.


Transfer Factors to face Cancer.
Antonio F. Muro,
Discovery Salud.

The real answer to cancer most probably is in the same immune system trained for millions of years to face any disease. A transmitting capacity through the so called Transfer Factors which are present in the colostrums of breast milk and are those that allow the newly born to face an adverse environment precisely when he is most weak. Well two Scientifics streams are working on them as proper tools for cancer treatment and other pathologies.


The most scientifically established is that which obtains them from the white blood cells and has already a clinical positive experience with cancer patients. It binds to the promising research of certain nutritional laboratories betting to obtain the Transfer Factors out from the cow milk colostrums.


The great majority of alternative and complementary treatments against cancer as presented by this magazine in recent months have a common factor: Face the disease using substances or processes aimed at strengthening the Immune system and improve its performance against tumour cells at a physical and mental cost infinitely less than that assumed by quimiotherapy and radiotherapy . Since all of them could be considered assets of the immune system in its fighting against cancer.


That the immune system allows facing not only any pathology but in many cases prevent them, we know that since it was discovered that we might become immunized vaccines using. It was in 1776 when an English Medical doctor named Edward Jenner administered the first one against smallpox.


Jenner had observed the wet nurses that were infected by the cows smallpox (which does not cause important health problems) seemed to be protected against human smallpox – usually deadly - . Just to check on that dating on May the 14th 1796 inoculated in a child body, James Phipps, pus from the pustule of a cow smallpox infected woman. On June the first after the boy recovered from the infection, Jenner inoculated him with human smallpox.


And as he expected to happen, the boy never developed the disease. Jenner would call his technique “vaccination” term that derives precisely from the latin word cow. That is to say, not knowing at all how was that occurred -the first reference to the virus existence was coming from the botanic Dimitri Ivanovsky just about one century later in 1892- Edward Jenner had taken the first steps in the field of immunotherapy discovering an effective way to prevent persons developing serious illness.


Curiously connexion in between cancer and immune system would be discovered two years before – in 1890- when still were ignored its working complicated mechanisms. That same year the New York Medical Doctor William B. Coley intrigued by the disappearance of malignant tumours in cancer patients who had contracted acute streptococcal infections and suspecting that the natural organism response to bacterial infection could be the one responsible for the tumour regression decided to carry on an experiment he injected living streptococci into an inoperable cancer patient just to see if the tumour would remit. Well after three bacterial cultures, it happened that, the forth one produced the tumour complete disappearance.


Coley continued his research to develop a mixture of killed bacteria - that became to be known as “Coley toxins” - and with some other medical doctors, gave treatment over one thousand cancer patients. Success was uneven. Considering that results were unpredictable the therapeutic method finally was forgotten.


In 1909 a scientist Paul Ehrlich for the first time affirmed that cancer incidence could be much greater unless the immune system control, able to eliminate and identify tumour cells newly divided. With what already he put our defence system at the centre of the tumour growth control.


About 50 years later on two other scientists – Lewis Thomas and Frank MacFarlane Burnet - would take up Paul Enrich conviction communicating that an special immune cell type “T cell” was the central kingpin for the immune system response against cancer. This led to the coining of the expression “immune surveillance” to describe the immune system alert permanent attitude against cancer cells. Nevertheless this assertion generated a notable controversy which would keep going on until April the 26th, 2001 when the magazine Nature would publish a research work entitled “IFN-gamma and the lymphocytes prevent the development of the primary tumour and shape the tumour immunogenicity”.


The essay was written by Robert D. Schreiber and colleagues at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis in collaboration with Lloyd J. Old –medical doctor of Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre of New York.. The experimental evidence presented in the document demonstrated unequivocally that the immune system prevents tumours to develop – and often, even for them to appear- playing an important protector role against cancer.


As expected today are increasingly Scientists who study the relationship in between immune system and tumour cells. Be among the strategies most currently used within the broad experimental field of immunotherapy immunization of patients with material designed to elicit a response capable of eliminating or retarding tumour growth. In this group could include works with tumour antigens since the identification of genes encoding the formation of peptide chains on the cell surface of tumours and which can be recognized by the T cells provide the theoretical basis for its operation. Unlike the majority of vaccines used with infectious agents antitumor immunotherapy would activate the immune response against certain antigens to which has been previously exposed. For this reason, vaccination with antigens expressing tumour proteins and peptides could improve the effectiveness of our immune system against tumour processes. Let us remember on these regard vaccines with antigens from urine developed by Mexican doctor Salvador Capistrán (you can see the published essay within our web “cancer” section).


To this same line of research correspond the works carried out with the transfer factors about which we are going to talk and which might be generic or specific to each pathology.

Immune system “memory

In 1949 doctor H. Sherwood Lawrence used leukocytes extracts or white cells to demonstrate that immune response is transferred from a human who gives positive to exposure of a specific antigen to a receiver who gives negative…


Through small proteins to which he called transfer factors. Surface irritation (positive response) in the subject who previously had not shown any immune system response to the specific antigen showed that this was taking place and the immune system had acquired through the transfer factor knowledge on the specific antigen.


The importance of Lawrence research was that he demonstrated that “immune memory” was transmitted without inoculation of real antibodies. Was enough with the transfer factors low molecular weight proteins. Of course still to day there are those who deny the transfer factors reality. Although it is not by sure the case of those working with them. As it is the Doctor Sergio Estrada – researcher at the Immunology Department of the National School of Biological Sciences of the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico and member of the Immunology Mexican Society- who works since 30 years back with growth factors. “At first no one believed to Lawrence – Dr.Estrada would tell us - and still there are some people who do not want to believe, not even want to know anything about Transfer factors. But become persuaded when they start treating patients with that product”.


At this point must be explained that transfer factors are peptide chains comprising tents of amino acids that appear to store the whole immune system experience.. The great intellectual leap is to understand that transfer factors do not transfer antibodies neither directly create them but its function is to educate, teach the immune system cells to recognize specific antigens that may pass unnoticed. So it is probably why allopathic medicine have trouble to admit their existence and their therapeutic possibilities. It is in short, a completely different vision of the pharmacological normal models.


Be added that transfer factors do not cure anything but work to make the immune system smarter to be the body itself which can eliminate the disease. Are therefore vital in developing immune system strategies against disease and invading germs. And are also immunomodulators since no force any global response but specified and appropriate for every occasion. To understand how they work it can be said it is as if the transfer factors stored chemical photographs of the virus, bacteria’s, fungus and parasites with those who were in contact in the body itself or in the others and transmit that information to the cells responsible for fighting the disease in the body where they are introduced.


And their possibilities and almost endless judging by the statements made by Dr. Estrada: “Transfer factors are useful in bacteria’s, virus, yeast and fungus produced diseases. Such is the case of diseases so different as TB (meningeal, renal and cutaneous ), leprosy, coccidioidomycosis, diabetes type II, kidney ailments, otitis, herpes zoster and simple, hepatitis B, toxoplasmosis, leishmaniasis, asthma, atopic dermatitis, rhinitis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis o sjogren among many others. And the same is true in cases of kidney and prostate cancer as well as melanomas and lymphomas.

Transfer Factors in Blood

And where to get the transfer factors? Dr. Estrada has focused his work in obtaining the same from the blood. “Are obtained, - he would explain -, white blood cells breaking or blood leukocytes and putting the proceeds in a dialysis bag with a very fine mesh that only allows the output of very small molecules - of 10 kilo Daltons or less- so can not pass virus, bacteria’s or fungus.


Well obtained leukocyte extract contains a factor capable of transmitting the immune positive response of the donor to the recipient organism. Such is the transfer factor and has an extraordinary undeniable therapeutic activity.


Sergio Estrada acknowledges that when he began to work with transfer factors he did on a very sceptical way because it was not known what they were although he was quite aware of their therapeutic activity. Hence he was using them increasingly in more diseases with the peace of mind of knowing that was a friendly material. About the process of obtainment Estrada he was purifying it to move from generic transfer factors obtained from the blood of 1000 healthy patients to more specific transfer factors in need of more complex processes.


He would tell us “exist well defined molecules which transfer the specific immunity. They are molecules having a molecular weight of five thousands Daltons or five kilo Daltons (Kda). And each one of them is specific for a microorganism or for a different antigen. This will ensure success of therapy in infectious diseases. Must be given to patients the specific factor for each ailment, although there are conditions which are almost universal, such as herpes Zoster coming from a chickenpox complication. But it is the same virus.

When being children we catch chickenpox we go through with no complications and also leaves a solid immunity that is reinforced whenever we meet again with chickenpox virus. Such it is that youngsters in Mexico who usually are the ones donating blood, almost all of them have immunity to chickenpox. As well that is why it is successful the treatment with transfer factors for herpes Zoster. There is nothing to compare. To day the usual medical treatment for this condition is “acyclovir” but I assure you that Transfer factor is much better. In a study we did in a double-blind and was published at the Journal of Immunofarmacology, the patients treated with transfer factor had pain no longer than ten days while those treated with acyclovir suffered awful pains even after 22 days. Which shows in a strictly statistical way that it is much better transfer factor in this condition”.

Transfer Factors in Cancer Treatment

Sergio Estrada’s obtained successes would lead to his friend Dr. Abelardo Monges Nicolau, Oncologists at Mocel Hospital, to test the transfer factors with cancer patients. What he is doing since ten years back. “To be honest I’m deeply impressed with the results – he did confess- Basically I used them as chemotherapy adjunctive method and I must say life expectancy – in all types of cancers and metastasis- is much greater than the one obtained with the simple application of conventional methods”. Despite of what and due to lack of funds (it seems structural evil in Mexico where we’ve seen promising researches never coming to an end always because of lack of economical support ) so far has precluded (as Monges himself would say) the realization of expensive studies as required to obtain official recognition.


Doctor Estrada would ensure us that in some countries, such as China, transfer factors are widely used to combat viral diseases such as hepatitis B and C which can cause hepatocarcinomas or cirrhosis. In that country the percentage of people having hepatitis virus with no symptomatology at all is quite high suggesting their immune system is able to stop virus action. Hence with the blood of those people is made a white blood cells dialyzable extract to be administered to children as a “vaccine” for the purpose of avoiding the development of hepatitis even the case they might become infected by the virus. As well they are used in Cuba, Eslovaquia and Italy with a financing cost much lower than the one required, for instance, to administer interferon.


And that is their third profit: easy to be obtained, with no secondary effects and the production cost very low over against with other products such as the interferon’s or the interleuquinas. Which clearly patients would become benefitted, mainly those in the Third World. “For a lymphoma to be treated - Estrada affirms - B cells have in their surface a chemical group named CD20 and there is a monoclonal antibody capable to adhere it allowing eliminate the cancerous cells. The problem is that its cost is 1.800.-€ injection and several are required hence many patients can’t finish their treatment. The new therapies may be they are much better but are becoming more expensive and inaccessible. Instead of that transfer factor is an immuno-modulator accessible to everyone, much easier to be prepared and remarkable cheaper.”


The Calostrum

The other research line – led by large laboratories specialized in nutritional complements - holds that transfer factors might be obtained out of the milk calostrum - as well human as animals- , very rich in proteins including the immunoglobulines (antibodies defending the body against infections ) And it seems obvious that immune memory reaches the newly born through the calostrum, the first milk he obtains from his mother breast. Today we know that during the gestation last trimester the mammary gland accumulates a substance named precalostrum formed mainly by plasma Exudates’, cells, immunoglobulin’s, lactoferrin, serum albumin, sodium, chlorine, and small amount of lactose. Later on, during the first four days after delivery, calostrum is produced yellowish fluid thick high density and low volume. Between 2 and 20 ml per dose, enough to satisfy the newly born needs. And even the calostrum has less energy content, lactose, lipids, glucose, urea, water soluble vitamins, PTH and nucleotides than the breast milk, nevertheless it contains more proteins, sialic acid, lipo soluble vitamins E, A, K and carotenes. Mineral contents such as sodium, zinc, iron, sulphur, selenium, manganese and potassium are as well superior in the calostrum. But above all the colostrums has very high contents of immunoglobulin’s, mainly IgA, lactoferrin, lymphocytes and macrophages, oligossacharides , cytokines, and other defensive agents to protect the newly borns against environmental germs and promote the maturation of their defense system. Also contains intestinal enzymes to help digestion (lactase and other intestinal enzymes still are immature en the newly born). Their abundant immunoglobulin’s covering the digestive tube endothelium preventing the pathogens adhesion, facilitates the intestinal tract colonization by lactobacillus bifidum and contains antioxidants that protect them from oxidative damage. Easy to infer as a consequence the fundamental importance for a newly born to start his life taking the mother’s calostrum.


Researches realize upon animals suggest as well that the lactoferrin – one of the main proteins found in the calostrum- might be of a help to prevent or reduce cancers of intestine, bladder, tongue, esophagus and lungs as well as the formation of lungs metastasis. The underlying mechanisms are under study but appear to be related with the lactoferrin ability to improve the functioning of the immune system. It might be added that conjugated linoleic acid and some other fats found in the calostrum have also shown anticancer properties.

Hence it is not surprising that returning to the Immunology beginnings has the look who’s back to the cows (which until the appearance of the so called evil mad cow – was an animal prepared to withstand a large number of microorganisms ) in order to profit by the advantage of their calostrum. In fact its use is nothing new. In India, along thousand years, Ayurvedic physicians documented the calostrum benefits for health. And in the Scandinavian countries was made along hundreds years a delicious calostrum pudding covered by honey to celebrate the new birth of calves. Even that was used in USA as antibiotic until the penicillin discovery.


As a summary, numerous researches have confirmed in recent years the possibility of getting benefit from the animals calostrum -mainly that from cows- to reinforce the immune system. Hence to day there are many nutritional complements containing it.


However there was somebody who got even further and argue that even the great amount of calostrum substances that was not enough to explain the qualitative leap that occurs in the immune baby’ system. Still it was to be known how comes that without crossing mother’s antibodies, she passes her immune memory to her child. Again Lawrence’s transfer factors gave the answer. Researchers and laboratories were quick to draw out cows calostrum, made an intense molecular filtration with what finally they found a very small molecule: the transfer factor. And they decided to commercialize them as nutritional complements of oral consumption.


American and Russian tests

Let us add, one of the most interesting researches on these products capacity was the one on charge of Dr. Darryl See, Director of Institute of Longevity Medicine, California, working on different occasions for Upjohn, Pfizer, Harvard and North American Defence Department. Actually he runs a clinic in which he applies the transfer factors to cancer patients. His study goal was to determine the anti-cancer effects in vitro of two products of 4Life Company. His conclusion couldn’t be clearer. He confirmed “both products induce the destruction of erythroleukemia cells K562 to an unknown level to the research’s director experience and known medical literature. Considering that the function of the so-called natural killer cells is crucial to end with cancer cells these products are ideal candidates to join an adjuvant therapy in cancer cases. Besides the natural killer cells form a first line defence against virus infections and other microorganisms.


In February 1999 Darryl See would publish a research work at the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association giving the study on 196 natural non-toxic products capacity to increase the natural killer cells activity. Well, some of the products increased their activity up to 48,6% but the transfer factor obtained from the calostrum did increased up to 103%. Besides that, when the transfer factor was combined with a number of thymic agents - beta ones - glucans from multiple sources , Acemanano and IP6- the result was a synergistic increment of the natural killer cells activity of 248%. This combination of calostral transfer factor, thymic factors and polysaccharide extracts biologically active, is the most active product tested so far.


On a third stage Darryl See conducted a study in vivo for what he did selected twenty patients -12 men and 8 women- suffering from cancers in stages III and IV . Their mean age was 49,3 years old and all of them had been sent home by their oncologists to die at home . The average life expectancy they had was 3,7 months. Protocol consisted in givin each one of them daily 9 capsules of transfer factors. Eight months later 116 of them still were alive ! some of them had improved, others were stabilized and still in some others cancer was in remission ! It also was found that the number of natural killer cells had increased – average - 400%.


In the same line trying to confirm transfer factors capacity commercialized by 4Life, Doctors Calvin McCausland and Emma Oganova designed a study to test their influence on the natural killer cells activity. Also Doctor Anatoli Vorobiev – Russian Academy of Medical Sciences - directed a team on independent testing. Using cytotoxicity tests, double-blind, cancer cells were combined with human natural killer cells and divided in between groups of natural killer cells activated by transfer factors and groups of natural killer cells non activated. Conclusive results demonstrated transfer factors capacity to reinforce the natural killer cells activity in 283%, even in the case of the most advanced product in a special 437% over all immunity normal response (response that was established as base line for this study). Besides the results of this scientific experiment demonstrated that natural killer cells activated with transfer factors killed 99% of cancer cells which exceeded the natural body defence capacity.


Russian scientists at sight of such exceptional results immediately requested more information regarding the provided samples. “Sample of 4Life (composite transfer factor E-XF) empowered the natural killer cells activity much more than the drug Interleucina-2 (IL2) used in standard way. Here now we call that sample “the golden interleucina” as would be transmitted by Doctor Kisielevsky, - member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences - to the laboratory.


As a matter of fact the results have been so extraordinary that during past month of December – as 4Life Company affirms- Russian Health Ministry approved the use of transfer factors as immune modulators in hospitals and clinics of their Federation. The results of ten clinical trials and two experimental studies carried out on these products were shaped in the methodological paper approved by the Ministry allowing doctors to use them in their clinical practice.


Evidently still much remains to advance in the field of Immunotherapy and of transfer factors -either generic or specific ones- but either obtained out from the blood or from the calostrum are proving to be promising therapeutic tools -more than contrasted after 30 years of experience- in many pathologies, among them, cancer. Although so far have been used basically as compensating the blight caused by chimiotherapy.


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