Glutatione and cancer


Glutatione and cancer

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Very few words rounds more terrific and are as dreadful and hatred as the word “cancer”. Seldom does any therapist not attend any cancer diseased patient who comes looking for help that is why we consider this essay might be of a great help to him. Most often cancer patients when they come to a therapist office they already have been treated with radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy but they are looking for something else, they look for help and this help might be given to them, just this is the aim of this essay on how and what is needed to give them so that they might suffer of fewer adverse effects even to improve without those adverse effects since this is a natural medicine and with a low economic cost.

Right now hundreds of types of cancer are known with various aggression levels. Taken at the right time some of them are treatable even possible to be cured if administering appropriate therapy, as well in may of them nothing can be done through conventional or official medicine and the patient unavoidably expires.

Now a day’s cancer is the second deceasing cause in North America as well as in Europe after cardiovascular diseases. Eventually one third of citizens will die because of some cancer type. We must emphasize many cancer types can be prevented even to improve once they have already been manifested with the help of an adequate feeding and strengthening the body defences mainly restoring properly the glutathione levels (as we’ll see along this essay). Inclusively with those cancers treated conventionally with chemotherapy and radiotherapy it is well indicated and advised to mount glutathione body level after careful studies carried on by many world different universities not only because better results are obtained but because also adverse effects are lessened.

As our life keeps coming upon and we are growing adults usually glutathione body levels go down as it has been highly proved in rigorous scientific studies and it seems to be this is one of the main causes for our anticancer defences will not work properly that is why is a good preventive technique to reinstate this kind of levels even we might not been suffering with this disease, that is, to take assiduously glutathione precursors, such as RESURGEN so that its levels comes up, it should be a daily technique and use and wont to prevent not only cancer but many other serious diseases.


Formation of cancer

Healthy cells have an incorporated mechanism allowing them to become duplicated. But it might happen that cells loose their capacity to regulate their growth doubling uncontrollably and eventually shaping a group of cancer tissue. This tumour might grow as much as becoming able to press over compressing the structures rendering heavy symptomatology even to go beyond the tissue and sometimes contaminating cells release so that cancer is spread all over to other body areas.

Even scientifics give several possible causes, how and why these types of cells loose their self regulation capacity is not absolutely clear. It is thought that some carcinogenic present in the environment, such as chemicals and high radiation levels initiate cancerous growth but there might be many others causes.

What is a real well proved fact is that cancerous cells are anaerobic and they perform their metabolism not in need of oxygen, that is, Krebs tricarboxylic circle is not performed within their mitochondrias and they metabolize glucose through another biochemical route producing in this way lactic acid.

This lactic acid little by little transforms the internal environment leading it to an acid PH which as well leads to glutamine consumption and glutathione lowering, at the same time proteins are consumed being transformed into glucose by way of gluconeogenesis which feeds the tumour making it to grow more and more leading in this way to cachexia or impoverishment even up to consume the patient’s own anatomy since a tumour to be nourished needs up to 16 times more glucose than a normal tissue.

Mitochondrias are parts of the cell producing needed energy so that the cell keeps alive that is why usually they are named “power plants” or “cells batteries”. This energy within the mitochondria is produced through a process named “Krebs cycle” which needs oxygen to work properly. Notwithstanding cancerous cells tend to use another more simple process not oxygen needing that occurs outside the mitochondria named “glycolysis”. Mitochondria is a key part of the cell since not only produce energy but if not properly working , might provoke that the cells death processes which help to avoid cancerous cells formation, becomes more active.. Because the cancer cells “extinguish” their mitochondrias (not being used to produce energy) is why scientifics considers this might be the way by which this type of cells avoid cells death becoming immortals. All of this brings forth a number of consequences as the fact that they do not produce free radicals, glutathione level in them are quite high as well as that of nitric acid, all of this conveys in them the power of a great penetration capacity to adjacent lands, that is, of infiltration power and metastasis production and because of increased nitric oxide inhibits the defence or immunity leukocyte attack, even for the same reason tumours blood vessels are vasedilated, they have special predisposition to bleed since platelets migration is as well inhibited.

Personal differences in our own genetic composition or in our own immune system apparently some persons are better defended than some others. We also know that susceptibility to certain cancer types is inherited in certain family occasions or genetic ethnical composition.

Cancer starts with a cell genetic code mutation – a reprogramming of development patterns which turns out in an uncontrolled cell growth. A combination of genetic and environment factors, feeding included, might contribute to this cells aberrant duplication. Some theory suggests that when free radicals are excessively produced or they are not properly neutralized through a glutathione deficiency, their DNA code within the cell nucleus becomes damaged. Therefore to destroy those free radicals which were uncontrolled produced is one of the primary works to be performed by a healthy and strong organism. One of these forms is to maintain an optimal cellular level of glutathione.


Glutation and cancer

Hundreds of medical articles have been published discovering the glutathione role in cancer prevention as well as in its treatment.
All of them might be classified into two main groups:

1. Prevention, including carcinogens detoxication, free radicals
antioxidation and immune response strengthening.
2. Glutathione special role within chemotherapy and radiotherapy whereby both treatments efficacy are improved while minimizes most of their adverse effects.


Cancer prevention

In 1996 the European Cancer Daily News did publish a section suggesting that free radicals were classified as an important carcinogens category. Owing to its high antioxidant capacity glutathione becomes specialized to absorb oxyradicals and other free radicals while forming within the cells. This prevents subsequent damages to different cell parts, mainly the nucleus DNA code. Additionally glutathione improves the effect of other antioxidants such as vitamins C and E and selenium. This strengthens the organism capacity to destroy free radicals. What’s more glutathione also plays an important role in the synthesis and DNA repair.

Glutathione likewise performs a specific role in the detoxification of well known carcinogens and mutagens present in our own environment.

These cancer producing substances are neutralized by glutathione and reduced to such a form that the body itself is able to eliminate. Glutathione role in the organism detoxification simply can’t go unnoticed. Considering the liver is the most important detoxification organ, it is not surprising its containing the glutathione highest concentrations.

During the last decade Chemo prevention branch of the Cancer National Institution (EUA) has been developing drugs to decrease the chronic-degenerative diseases incidence. Substances that raise glutathione level in the organism, such as N. Acetyl-Cysteine which becomes transformed into cysteine (Resurgen component).

R.B. Balansky, C.C. Conaway, H. Witschi and other U.S. Americans and European researches successfully have demonstrated that N. Acetyl-cysteine can decrease the growth of toxins induced cancerous tumours , included urethane, nitrosamine, doxorubicins, etilnitrosoureo, and other cancer producing agents.

N. Acetyl-Cysteine or cysteine within the organism is converted into glutathione component with powerful antioxidant properties. Glutathione is an amino acid comprising Glycine, L-glutamic and L-cysteine..

Cysteine is a better glutathione source than taking it directly given that at least half of the taken amount is outside the digestive system, it is well proven that to apply pure glutathione do not increase its body levels.

Supplement with N. Acetyl-cysteine or cysteine might have anti-aging effect, increasing glutathione levels mainly in liver, lungs, kidneys and long bones, all of them organs using both components for their protection.

N.Acetyl-cysteine apparently protects against cigarette smoke . carcinogenic properties. N.Van Sándwich Dutch Cancer Institution writes: “N.Acetyl-cysteine o cysteine has emerged as a promising chime agent preventive against cancer” S. de Flora made a summary of an extensive study of chime prevention sponsored by the Enroscan Project describing the many positive effects of the N.Acetyl-cysteine as preventive agent against lung, breast, intestine and skin cancer and also the actual mechanisms by means of which the N.Acetyl-cysteine and the glutathione exert these protective effects.

The N.Acetyl-cysteine action is specially in free cysteine which is one of the glutathione amino acid precursors precisely the one controlling its formation., although is not needed to give this compound, same result is obtained or even better just with single cysteine such as it is administered with RESURGEN but with the exception that we do it by alveolopulmonar way acquiring large blood concentrations and amazing therapeutic effects in cancer and other diseases. One of the effects exerted by glutathione on the immune system is to control and balance T cell growth (one specific type of white cells) and in this way strengthens the body immune response. Individuals suffering of immune depression usually are more prone to get cancer, one good example of this is the Carposi sarcoma, cancer type mostly found in AIDS patients. Cancer specialists recently have developed a strategy named immunotherapy, an attempt to improve the natural organism defences against cancer. Immunotherapy is made up of tools immune system stimulating.

A Japanese scientific team of the University of Tokio, demonstrated that the N.Acetyl-cysteine plus the cytoquines – a certain kind of immunotherapeutic agents- stimulate the immune cells and their biochemical products. These scientifics suggest that these agents might become an effective complement for the liver cancer treatment.

Other substances anti cancer naturally produced by the immune system include FNT factor (tumour necrosis factor) and the IL-2 (interleukin 2). The scientists of research and development of Gllaxo Wellcome agency demonstrated that the N.Acetyl Cysteine acts against cancerous tumours elevating the body FNT levels. In a laboratory study the N Acetyl cysteine broke the tumours growth in more than one third of injected mice with cancerous cells.

C.Y. Yim and J.B. Hibbs of UTA University had a similar success in suppression of tumour growth using the N.Acetyl-cysteine to stimulate the IL-2 (a promoter of white cells activity in the organism) in killer lymphoid cells, one type of lymphocytes T.


Cancer treatment with cisteine

Surgical removal of a cancerous tumour is only feasible if the tumour is not scattered and it is attainable. Radiation and chemical therapy might be of a help but both of them inflict great damage both in healthy cells as in cancerous ones. Recently some research has been practiced looking for ways to limit those therapies damage on healthy cells.

Chemical therapy is a patient’s controlled poisoning based on the idea that cancerous cells are more poison sensitive than healthy cells. Majority of chemo therapeutic agents produce unpleasant side effects. Radiation therapy works similarly, identifies cancerous zone and bombards it with the radiation.. theoretically tumour is more sensitive to radiation than surrounding healthy tissues, but this treatment also might produce severe side effects.

Recent experiments have shown up that glutathione level thus in healthy cells as in cancerous ones determines their susceptibility to both chemotherapy as radiotherapy. High glutathione cells level protects them against these types of therapies, while low level makes them vulnerable. The ideal would be to maintain high glutathione level in healthy cells and low level in cancerous ones but often quite many cancerous cells keep a high glutathione level.

Cancer is the only known disease in which glutathione levels are exceeded although normally are low.

As it looks to me that is due to the fact that tumour is anaerobe and its cells do not perform the tricarboxylic cycle which in turn is the largest free radicals generator and therefore not consume its glutathione. Due to this and as I’ve shown out in different other works nitric oxide stays high producing a vasodilatation in the tumour blood vessels with propensity to massive bleedings as it is well known that tumours bleed too often. For another set of considerations this nitric oxide rise inhibits leukocytes migration towards tumour cells which favours its expansion and metastasis formation, that is, inhibits immunity all of which is due to the fact that no fee radicals are produced maintaining glutathione high levels.

Nitric oxide takes care of the immunity control as I’ve demonstrated in several others works and this, in turn, is controlled by the free radicals and the glutathione, the three processes must work in perfect synergy or cadence.

Due to their glutathione high level, cancerous tumour cells frequently show firm resistance against chemo and radio therapies. That is why has been tried to administer medication such as BSO to the patients in order to reduce glutathione cancerous cells level. The problem is that BSO reduces too much healthy cells glutathione levels increasing secondary effects which per se are unbearable. That is to say this approach is impractical.

When glutathione production is too much stimulated in cancerous cells, these stop their glutathione production in a process so call feed back negative inhibition.

This became known along 1986 by the A. Russo research team in Cancer daily news. When the drug OTZ was added to lung cancerous cells, their glutathione level didn’t increase although healthy cells levels did it. Sylvain Baruchel, Ferry Batist and a researchers group of the University McGill in Montreal, Canada, they demonstrated that OTZ can reduce glutathione level in breast cancerous cells while it is improved in healthy cells. The same researchers demonstrated that raising glutathione levels might improve anticancer action of chemo and radio therapies.

Glutathione should be important part of any anticancer therapy

However is known that administering pure glutathione does not increase its organism levels, just the opposite occurring when its predecessor, cysteine, is administered is therefore that we’ve included cysteine in RESURGEN composition and not so glutathione.

It has been accepted as a life fact that cancer mortality rate increases with age. A significant number of actually cancer known types are considered as diseases living with aging, such as prostate cancer. Aging specific changes make patients more cancer susceptible as well as oxidative damage and a decrease of body immune response. Glutathione protective effect decreases with aging. Normally we loose about 20 up to 40% glutathione in our cells after 65 years old, however, from my own view point, this is explained not because we synthesize less glutathione but because we do excessively consume it due to the fact that as we age our metabolism becomes more acid and, as I already have demonstrated in another works, in acidosis glutamine and glutamate are consumed making glutathione become reduced, besides that, tricarboxilic cycle works over activated producing great amount of free radicals which also lowers glutathione. To see some more, please click on the following link where I do explain all of that.

Prevention and treatment of secondary effects

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy increase the formation of free radicals and the toxic metabolites accumulation. If all of this is not enough well considered, secondary effects go from bad to worst. Great many studies have manifested that when patients are properly feed, mainly including vitamins and supplements in their feeding their tolerance to these unpleasant therapies is improved. Patients with glutathione intracellular levels are much more protected against radiation damage, whereby radiotherapy secondary effects are decreased.

Those Radiotherapists studying glutathione protecting action have correlated more the pre treatment, raising glutathione levels and reducing radiotherapy sessions number and subsequent burns. Pre treatment or simultaneous treatment with products such as RESURGEN which raise and maintain glutathione levels, offers to the patient a greater tolerance to the therapy.

Some women with cancer were treatment subjected in California University (in San Diego) using chemotherapy supplemented with glutathione intravenous supplied. This allowed them to take higher doses of chemotherapy with less secondary effects. Similar study but with a greater number of patients was effected at the West General Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland. Over one hundred fifty patients were treated for ovarian cancer with chemotherapy plus glutathione provision thereby achieving the control of secondary effects improving the patients’ quality of life.
This group of patients was compared with another one which therapy didn’t include glutathione supply. The first group showed less depression, vomiting, hair loss, breathlessness and neurotoxicity. Their mental and renal functions improved considerably and it was noticeable trend towards a favourable outcome.

Hair lost frequently a result caused by chemotherapy does not endanger patient life but it might cause patient emotional distress mainly since is going through difficult times when no additional stress is needed. Besides hair lost might suggest damage inflicted against other body cells which quickly regenerate as some ones present in the intestine. Researcher J.J.Jimenez at the University of Miami and his team have demonstrated that NAC (therefore also cysteine component present in RESURGEN) might prevent baldness as it is caused by common chemotherapy agents.

To see doses, administering ways, etc. open flowing link:

Evidence shows up that glutathione can make that some chemotherapy agents might become more effective. Those include Adriamicine, cyclofosfamide, cysplatine among others.

Anti cancer treatments usually go accompanied by weight loss, as well as that of appetite, energy and strength. An adequate feeding is an important factor and always should be accompanied by appropriate dietary supplements. Cancer itself, anti cncer treatments and these treatments resulting state decrease intracellular glutathione levels. This considerably weakens immune system and the patient’s antioxidant ability becoming much more susceptible to many other diseases and infections.

As much he and others researchers have found the possibility that rising intracellular glutathione level might delay or even rein this degenerative process.

The increase in the glutathione synthesis depends on cysteine furnishing through food or even much more effective through iatrogenic form and by alveolar lung route, such as it is done with RESURGEN since ins this way acquired cysteine blood levels are much greater, the same as if we injected it through intravenous route, besides the fact that it has other actions working over cancer and other different pathologies descending the homocysteine by means of folic acid and the fitostrogens besides many other actions. NAC and OTC drugs might elevate glutathione levels but their effects last quite short time. The ideal glutathione feeding source is cysteine..



Nowadays exists many cancer types. And it might be hundreds of potentials causes, but majority of cases go accompanied by a low level of body antioxidants defences. What’s more, majority of existing anti cancer therapies put a huge burden on the organism reducing the few existing defences. Cancer victims must place themselves on the best possible medical hands but also must be quite careful regarding their feeding. In most therapies patients undergo to high doses of pharmaceutical drugs which leads them to decrease appetite and energy mainly while they are submitted to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. There is an energy natural source which can reinforce the organism antioxidants defences in patients suffering from this awful disease and its harmful treatment. Raises glutathione levels at the organism cellular levels. High glutathione cells level enriches antioxidant organism defences, contribute to the synthesis and ADN repair and help to des intoxicate the organism from numerous carcinogens and mutagens.

We can’t over emphasize on how important defensive strategy is
Preventive medicine which stops invaders before they become well established on the organism thus preventing the following conflict. An immunological system with optimum performance is undoubtedly the best preventive form.


Immunologic System and Glutathione

Our polymorph nuclear cells and lymphocytes count only covers part of the immunologic system. Lymphocytes of B cells covers 10% of total lymphocytes circulating on the organism and work by releasing immune globulins to attack and destroy invading pathogens. About 80% of body lymphocytes are T cells. When these lymphocytes are upset, infection doors are opened and health is committed. For instance Immune deficiency human virus (VIH) destroys auxiliary T cells and leaves killer T cells cut off and powerless. As a result invading microorganisms which usually the body itself would disperse, become able to cause the severe infectious that characterized AIDS.

Glutathione plays a crucial role in the immunologic cells work.
Doctor Gustavo Bounous an expert leader in glutathione studies says: the limiting factor in our lymphocytes right activity is the glutathione availability “. This concept becomes obvious in the Immune deficiency human virus – VIH- cause of AIDS.

Essentially AIDS is a dysfunction of T cell lymphocytes. Patients suffering with this disease usually shown low glutathione levels mainly in counting glutathione in T cell lymphocytes. Several studies have proved that glutathione levels might be indicators showing chances of survival as well as quality of life of AIDS patients.

Growth and cells healthy activity directly depends on glutathione disponibility. Experimental decrease of glutathione levels showed severe reduction of immunologic cells capability to combat agains pathogens which wide open the door to diseases. In several studies it has been seen intracells glutathione levels relates directly with an effective immune response. In some way we might say glutathione is a kind of food for the immune system.

In some autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus (SLE) and in normal aging process, T cell lymphocytes show a weakened immune response against invading antigens. Further more these chronic inflammatory conditions has been associated with low glutathione concentrations in blood serum and in red blood cells and, as I already have manifested to the subsequent declines of nitric oxide.

One lymphocyte attacks a pathogen releasing a powerful oxidant chemical such as the peroxide and the lymphocyte protects itself neutralizing it with glutathione. Likewise lymphocytes must replicate themselves once and again (monoclonal expansion) so that they become able to fully attack pathogen population. This process requires the use of oxygen and additional release of oxidants dans a process known with the name of respiratory burst. To achieve an efficient continuous replicate it is required the use of glutathione to counter-attack oxidation effects and of these so generated free radicals.

Thus to fight an infection is consumed glutathione in two forms: when used to stabilize the free radicals and likewise to produce immunological cells. This becomes apparent in acute infections such as bacterial pneumonia. In chronic infections such as hepatitis C o in AIDS the wear out in glutathione levels is even much more pronounced. Recent studies have shown how glutathione high levels allow immunologic system deal with these types of infections in a more effective way.

Doctor Gustavo Bounous and his researcher team of University McGill measured the immunologic response in animals which were feed with an isolated of a protein rich in glutathione precursors. These animals showed higher intracellular glutathione levels as a more effective response against immunological threats.

That is to say glutathione protective action has two different functions- strengthen the immunological cells operation and also works as an antioxidant within the same cells.

An alarming number of bacterial infectious antibiotic resistant’s such as the disease that eats the skin, the enterococcus vancomicine resistant’s, staphylococcus meticiline resistant’s have arrived to our hospitals and communities. Some health professionals consider that virus such as the one causing AIDS and hepatitis C are just only the tip of the iceberg and a wave of new emergent pathogens is on the way. Ancient evils such as tuberculosis which were believed eradicated, have come back stronger and not already susceptible to be treated as previously to be opposed. To strengthen our glutathione levels is a practical way to become prepared to protect ourselves against these evident threats.

Immunologic system uses various cell types to fight infections and other menaces and the growth and healthy work of these cells relies upon glutathione disposability. Glutathione is at the centre of all immunologic processes and to have low glutathione levels is a common factor to many diseases, mainly in AIDS which is characterized by an immunologic system severely compromised.

To raise and maintain glutathione levels might minimize the risk of acquiring these diseases. Howsoever only most severe sick persons show a deficient glutathione level, those persons with an stable health might as well be benefitted with a glutathione supplementation , specially along those days we might be exposed , as never we did previously, to environmental toxins and different bacteria’s drugs resistant’s.

No question about the fact that the best preventive medical way is to have an immunologic system with optimal performance and the best way to optimize this system is feeding it with glutathione by means of providing the organism with the precursors for synthesizing it most specially and the only one that functions properly, the cysteine, such as given by RESURGEN.

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