Soy Isoflavones And Cancer


Soy Isoflavones And Cancer

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Date: 23/10/12

Millions of items have been written about the cancer cause and treatment, sometimes items too much triumphalism stating that many different cancer types becomes cured now a days with conventional treatments, above all with the so called chemotherapy and radiotherapy but this assertion is quite far from truth, even they always state the reservation or condition: they must be caught in time and yet, even so, they speak of certain types of cancer which really are easier to become cured than the real ones and annihilators cancers such as that of stomach, pancreas, brain, lung, etc. which in fact just about always they kill, even when conventional medicine says a cancer has been cured that is because five years have gone by since being diagnosed but there are quite a number of cancers, such as breast cancer able to kill after eight years or even more, yet in conventional medicine official statistics are listed as having been cured.


Many of cancer patients simultaneously are administered by chemotherapy and alternative medicine and, to be honest, at the end, if good results are obtained, which in fact are already obtained in that way, by sure we don’t know whose is that result.


To the enormous confusion about isoflavones if of soy or red clover are indicated for breast cancer and some others I do write this essay to confirm you that not only it is advisable to take them for any cancer type whichever might be its location.


RESURGEN product contains both soy and red clover (both of them isoflavones rich) in advisable amount mostly when it is taken through alveolar lung way which gets high dose in blood much more higher than if taken through digestive way (alveolar lung absorption surface is up to 200 sq meters against only 15 sq cm sublingual way) that is why results obtained for any cancer type are highly significant , besides that, attached to other components action which as well are able to obtain good results in cancerous disease, components reaching high glutathione levels, regulate homocysteine, Ph, free radicals, nitric oxide and chronic inflammation which does exist for any serious pathology much more in cancer.


Anti estrogenic soy action

Hormone-related cancers such as breast cancer and prostate cancer are very rare in countries where food is rich in soy isoflavones. Estrogens are needed for breast development and some other women characteristics. But as well estrogens might become dangerous since it stimulates breast tumour growth.


Isoflavones mainly soy genistein lowering estrogens effect by biding with its receptors. Soy isoflavones or red clover (another RESURGEN component) have no negative effect on cell division. Isoflavones will act as anti-estrogens similarly as Tamoxifen does (chemotherapy) but with no adverse effects, a drug widely used for treatment and breast cancer prevention.


Isoflavones or red clover they also promote the union of hormone estrogens and testosterone with SHBG (sex globulin hormone), proteins responsible for sex hormones transport within the body. Isoflavones stimulate SHBG production while reducing free hormones concentration hence cancer susceptibility becomes reduced and is advisable to take it as preventive but in the right dose and through digestive way not always is achieved that is why with RESURGEN we do administer it in spray as aerosol therapy to be absorbed directly by the lungs arriving to blood highly concentrated; digestive tract in some way inactive capsules hence reducing blood concentration due to gastric juices, intestinal enzymes, etc. Loosing activity. RESURGEN pulmonary alveoli via is similarly active as injectable via.


Isoflavones role is widely appreciated and actually is a matter for intensive research. Isoflavones dual activity (acting simultaneously as estrogenic and anti estrogenic) confer a number of qualities that can regulate the hormone balance in woman allowing to prevent as well as to correct osteoporosis and to act as powerful anti oxidants protecting against breast cancer development and others. Isoflavones can do all that by competition against self body estrogens at the very same receptors cell places. Certain types of diseases due to excessive estrogens might become diminish in this way.


Isoflavones might as well have estrogenic activity. If during menopause the natural body estrogens level falls down, isoflavones might compensate that by biding themselves at the same receptor sites hence relieving menopause symptoms.


The best way to consume isoflavones is under soy form so that can get benefit from some other healthy components of the same. Soy contains large amounts of isoflavones but the most beneficial are genistein and daidzein. The highest amount of isoflavones might be found in soy nuts. Isoflavones are quite stable and do not become destroyed under normal boiling conditions.


Anti-tumour effects were not related to estrogens activity

Isoflavones make inactive a number of enzymes involved in the cancer process such as the Tyrosine kinase and aromatase-5 a-reductase. Tyrosine kinases enhanced activity has been related to many cancer types hence it is that soy is indicated for all cancer types.


Neoplasias to grow over 2 mm require blood vessels formation to be sustained and developed, so the angiogenesis process is most important to cancer development. Normal function of kinase proteins (tyrosine kinase) is also critical for angiogenesis process.


In vitro tests has been shown that genisteine can inhibit tyrosine kinase activity. Soy genisteine inhibits tumour nutrition (any tumour type) by reducing tumour blood vessels formation which reduces tumour growth speed. Angiogenesis is a process of new blood vessels formation to feed the tumour. Genisteine is derived from the most potent plant that inhibits angiogenesis or blood vessels formation to feed the tumour, hence the tumour dries , that is, becomes necrotic and dies, all that has been demonstrated by clinical trials conducted.


Isoflavones compete with estrogens body produced or introduced and prevent those activating estrogens receptors decreasing probabilities to develop cancers hormone related and others by inhibiting angiogenesis.

That is, isoflavones helps prevention new blood vessels formation process characteristic of tumour formation. In this way tumour is left without power supply preventing its growth helping the body to eliminate it. Genisteine has shown to be effective in prostate cancer cell and in implanted mice with human prostate cancer cells reduce tumour growth.


Isoflavones in some way act against cancer cells similarly to many common treatment drugs against the same commonly used in conventional medicine, that is, chemotherapy but without adverse effects. What happens in practice is they have been administered by naturopaths insufficiently dosed as commercial existing preparations, at least majority of them, contains quite small amount of soy or red clover by capsule hence I usually advice alveoli pulmonary via to take RESURGEN to be sure suitable doses is guaranteed arriving to blood needed amount to obtain expected clinical results, after all, what we’re looking for. Population-based studies show strong bond in between isoflavones consumption and risk reduction for breast cancer and endometrial.


Women either eating large amounts of majority soy products and other foods isoflavones rich or took soy preparations highly dosed and through the adequate via so that high blood levels are obtained, such as RESURGEN, help to reduced the risk to suffer endometrial cancer in 54%.


Hence cancer prevention by using soy is scientifically proven much more so if taken through adequate via as alveoli pulmonary via (RESURGEN) acquiring convenient blood concentrations; nothing will be achieved if doses and blood level concentration are not optimum as usually happens with many diet products, even antioxidant diets, etc. that is, if we don’t take appropriate amount failure will follow up.

Isoflavones are natural antioxidants

A recent study has shown isoflavones have potent antioxidant qualities comparable to those of vitamin E. Isoflavones antioxidant qualities at a long range might reduce the risk of cancer suffering preventing AND free radical damage. Genisteine is the most powerful antioxidant among soy isoflavones followed by daidzeine.

Women’s health

Isoflavones have influence in women health during menopause but as well previously and along reproductive years (pre-menopause).

Isoflavones and women

Consumption of isoflavones during puberty time, when develops female breast, seems to protect women later on along her life against cancer. Studies show women who ate more than three soy servings a week during adolescence showed risk reduction of 40% for breast cancer compared with those who didn’t consume soy.

Besides that isoflavones protect against development of breast cancer what does not happen with some other hormone therapies based on synthetic drugs which could even provoke future tumours.

Isoflavones and menstrual cycle

Isoflavones could increase menstrual cycle length and moderate the steroids level alteration. A British study found women who were given 60 grams soy a day had longer menstrual cycles. Asian women eating more soy on a daily basis usually have longer menstrual cycles than West women. Research suggests Japanese women mortality decreased rate due to breast cancer could be, at least in some way, to food consumption containing soy isoflavones.

Isoflavones and menopause

During menopause falls estrogens level causing typical symptoms such as hot flashes, fatigue, night sweets, mood changes, mood swings, vaginal dryness and head akes. Soy isoflavones and red Trebor can avoid that symptomatology.

Isoflavones Prevent bone loss

Isoflavones prevent bone loss in perimenopausal women. Soy and isoflavones effects on bone quality are also worthy to be kept in mind. It has been seen consumption of 40 gr. soy proteins a day (90 mgr isoflavones) during six months significantly increase vertebral mineral bone density in postmenopausal women.


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