Nitric Oxide, Homocysteine and Free Radicals


Nitric Oxide Decrease and Homocysteine and Free Radicals Increase as Diseases Producer Agents and Their Regulation by Resurgen








Immunity is mediated by Nitric Oxide (NO)

Many immune cell types exhibit (NO) activity


Monocytes, macrophages, antigen presenting cells o lymphocytes T

Killer cells or natural killers, mastocytes.


(NO) can dim its action or raising it.


(NO) is free spread through the organism and is carried by the haemoglobin.


(NO) in need of membrane receptors.


(NO) can be stored and its production must be constant apparently may inhibit tumour growth.


The majority of tissues injury causes and therefore of disease are:
Inflammation, ischemia, back fusion and phagocytosis.

All of them are altered by free radicals, but are regulated by the (NO) - nitric oxide which acts cyclically in 24 hours day when physiological and no pathology is involved what makes too pH fluctuate in between light Acidosis and light Alkalosis.





Homocysteine and Osteoporosis

During 3 years homocysteine was determined in 825 old men and 1174 aged women and besides that it was pursuit along 12,3 years after its blood levels. After those 12,3 years 146 women suffered hip fracture while only 40 men suffered with the same. Those who presented higher blood homocysteine levels had a higher fracture index. In this way it became obvious the relationship of high homocysteine levels with osteoporosis.

Homocysteine Performs

Superoxide radical o- + No = peroxynitrites
homocysteine + No = nitrohomocysteine
homocysteine + LDL oxidized = free radicals of O2
homocysteine + iron + copper = h2O2 and superoxide ion
homocysteine destroys glutathione peroxidise which eliminates h2O2
homocysteine lowers the intracellular glutathione and the relationship in between oxidized glutathione and reduced one.
Homocysteine makes damaged proteins persists by alteration of the methylation.
Homocysteine produces vasoconstriction through No lowering, augmentation of tumorous necrosis factor and all of the cytokines.
Increases the reaction of the oxidase NADPH, increasing the coagulation, inflammation, superoxide ion, all of that because of the lowering of NO.

Causes of chronic inflammatory diseases increases
and the so called immunological ones

(NO) Physiologically increases during inflammation first phase
But, if it is pathologically lower down, for example with oxidative stress, great amount of superoxide 14 ion and glutathione decline even with acidosis and glutamine decline, it’ll go up very little even insufficiently.

(NO) physiologically decreases during inflammation second phase but if the organism is in a situation of (NO) chronic descend , due to causes later on we’ll study, it will descend much more intensively causing greater vasoconstriction, more leukocytes and platelets migration toward the focus, greater histamine liberation and
Greater production of tumorous necrosis factor and another interleukins even of natural killer cells, in summary, greater inflammation, that is to say it’ll be produced increased natural native immunity or first defensive barrier and furthermore it’ll be produced to trivial stimuli.

RESURGEN makes ascend Nitric Oxide and Glutathione and descend Homocysteine and free radicals regulation or restoring the equilibrium of pH balance in between Alkalosis and Acidosis in relieving quite many health problems.


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Nitric Oxide Decrease and Homocysteine and Free Radicals Increase as Diseases Producer Agents and Their Regulation by Resurgen


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