pH State


Many maladies are produced by a pH disorder which is kept in acidosis causing a glutathione decrease and multiple diseases leading with chronic inflammation. 

There is a theory that Ph is an electromagnetic field formed by electrical loads that are the ions H+ and OH- in such a way the product of the concentrations of both must be kept constant so that when one of them descends the other one ascends. When ions H+ ascend we’re in acidosis and when ions OH- ascend we’re in alkalosis.


Electrons have a small mass related to the proton and their movement generates electrical current although depending on the type of element or compound in the one that is generated it will require more or less energy to provoke such electrical current. These particles play a primordial role in such a chemistry since will define the attractions with other atoms.


From the physical view point electron has electrical opposite load to the one of proton. Nevertheless for historical reasons - and advantages in mathematical equations - it is said that electron has negative electrical load to the effect that it is opposite to proton load which used to be considered positive. Notwithstanding this choice of sign is absolutely arbitrary.


The concept of electrical load is caused by an arbitrary Scientifics’ decision who came to assign a negative load to electron and a positive one to the core of the atoms.


The electron is distributed in orbital distances turning concerning the core and arranged  according to what is known as quantum numbers (rather nowadays it is understood is organized  under the shape of an electronic  cloud arranged by the quantum numbers). By means of these quantum numbers we’re able to get to know how many electrons there are in every orbit, how they do turn on themselves and many other characteristics.


In the core of the atom are the protons those who arbitrarily have been assigned positive load and the neutrons those who it is said they lack electrical load.


It is said an atom must have the same number of electrons in the orbits than protons within the core, in such a case it should never be electrically charged since the number of positive loads would be equal to the negative ones.


But this is a chimera since it never does happen. Always there is an unequal number of protons and of electrons; when electrons are more it is said the atom is charged negatively and all the opposite, when protons are more it is said is charged positively. With this what we mean is that the atom is always excited, that is, never is neutral since always has an electrical load either positive or negative.


The atom under normal conditions it can neither win nor lose protons and when it does so, becomes transformed into what is called an isotope, it is to say in another element and this is only possible  in the atomic transmutations.


Nevertheless electrons have a great mobility and they can jump from one atom to another one, even might be shared by two atoms, what means, atom can win or lose electrons. When a neutral atom loses electrons, is losing negative loads predominating then over the core protons with positive load and atom remains positively loaded and when it gains them increases negative loads and the atom remains negatively loaded.


All the atoms have the tendency to acquire neutral condition, that is to say to have the same number of electrons than protons for that purpose they steal or yield electrons since, as we’ve said, protons are not interchangeable.

If an atom is in this unstable situation, that is, with unequal number of electrons than of protons, hence, with electrical load, tends to react with other atomic element and create a compound, as it is a molecule, and it does it by means of what they are called links, ionic, covalent, etc. Those atoms or molecules loaded, either positively or negatively, they are called IONS.


They are atoms or groups of them which have lost or wined one or more electrons acquiring in this way an electric load positive or negative respectively.


Ionization is the chemical or physical process by which ions are produced, these are atoms or molecules electrically loaded due to the excess or lack of electrons regarding to an atom or molecule neutral. To the chemical specie having more electrons than the atom or molecule neutral is called anion and possesses a clear negative load and to that one possessing less electrons, cation, having a clear positive load.


When in the body there exist more cations than anions, that is, more positive loads than negative ones, it is said we are in acidosis and just the opposite when predominate the anions or negative loads, in alkalosis.


The body always possesses a total electrical load that is gradually modified by milliseconds that shapes an electromagnetic field which as well  simultaneously is modified.


Electromagnetic fields give place to electromagnetic waves which can be measured depending on their frequency and wave length. Constantly wave length and frequency of electromagnetic field of our body is modified because electrical loads as well constantly are modified. Living beings, plants as animals, are bioelectrical structures. In fact any alive cell behaves as a dipole since the asymmetric distribution of loads does interior cells might be negative regarding to the exterior. Potential difference across the membrane is variable in diverse types of cells being frequent values in between -10 and -100 mV. Particularly in animals and human beings are quite frequent electrical manifestations that are valued with diagnostic purposes: electrocardiogram, electroencephalogram, electromiogram, and electroretinogram among those more used.


Any body electrically charged has in its immediate around an area where it is possible to detect its influence which is called “electrical field”. But as soon as the loads movements is started or a current flow appears a magnetic field perpendicular to the current sense.


The magnitude of the electrical field, usually measured as volt/meter (V/m) is in direct proportion to the voltage and decreases as the distance increases. Magnetic field is measured by two units; in the so called cegesimal system is the gauss abridged as G and in the international system it corresponds to the tesla (T).


Tesla is a magnetic field unit 10.000 (ten thousands) times major than the gauss. Given its magnitude it is frequent the use of unit miligauss (mG) and the microtesla (uT) to describe the magnetic fields associated with the  electrical  current.


Though part of the Scientifics consider human body is built out of neutral molecules, hence nobody would never expect  valuable magnetic fields to be produced by it, but at least for effect of rubbing might acquire electrical loads as Kryptonyte says and that human body tissues are made up by diamagnetic materials which will not be magnetized unless a very strong magnetic field is applied, a great controversy exist on that and quite a number of people do think on the contrary. Nervous cells transmit very weak electrical current  (due to ions movement and not that of free electrons) producing extremely weak magnetic fields and thanks to Ampere law we know that all electrical currents  generate magnetic fields.


Human body is an electromagnetic machine producing trains of electromagnetic waves, earthly magnetic field contributes energy.

Oxygen, foods, the very cell activity, physical and mental activiy, liquid’ fluid and biochemical factors constitute a constant production of “biomagnetic energy”. Because of all that it runs out to be understandable that the appearance or cure of many diseases might have as reason or consequence biomagnetic potential changes of the body.


Many years of research allowed Dr. Kioichi Nakagawa, Japanese scientist to formulate his theory of “magnetic fields deficiency syndrome”. This affection takes place in persons who remain most part of their time inside buildings which support is constituted by immense lattice works of dowels (just about all modern buildings) which shields the force lines of the magnetic terrestrial field, something similar to what happens with a radio waves when going below a bridge.


That syndrome can be affectively attacked if a major nature contact is guaranteed in opened environments and removed from buildings, equipments and electrical laying. To walk barefooted along the lawn.


Frequently is a very recommended therapy to all those who live in cities under the described conditions. These “modern” disease symptoms are, among others: not registered discomforts by clinical exams and physical, such as rigidity of shoulders, back and neck, chest pains, migraines, head heaviness, insomnia and general weariness.


Previously mentioned affections and a great number of many more diseases can be cured with a therapeutic technology called Magneto therapy, clinical system by which ailments are treated and cured by means of the application of artificial magnetic fields over the patients body.


Human body is built by cells which maintain a physical-mechanic and chemical activity but, besides, that, electrical one.  This is easily demonstrated: you only go to visit your doctor and listen him “asking for” an electroencephalogram or an electrocardiogram to be practiced on us which, literally serve to measure the electrical activity of the brain and heart, respectively.


In fact, all alive cells have an electrical load of about 70 and 90 milivoltios when healthy, but when ill their electrical load decreases (60 milivoltios, 50, 40…) and when going down to 0 milivoltios the cell dies and disintegrates.


All those electrical loads, present in all the cells and in all the organs, generate magnetic fields. The reason is simple: according with basically physic: any electrical load in movement generates an electromagnetic field. A cell can’t exist with electricity and without an associated field; it is just impossible according with physic laws.


Almost the totality of our body is water which is the solvent for all chemical compounds or molecules of our body and this, in small extension, is separated in ions OH- and H3O+ And we have that:  K (contant)= `(H3O+ ) . (OH-) = 10-14 where (H30+) is the concentration of hidronio ions, (OH-) that of hidroxilo ions and Kw is a constant value known as water ionic product  which value is 10-14 .


Ph is a measure for the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. Ph shows the concentration of hidronio ions (H3O+) present in certain substances.


Just for the sake of simplicity in the exhibition, when we do speak about Ph usually we mean H+ ions concentration Ph is a most important factor since certain chemical processes only can take place under a certain Ph. For instance chlorine reactions only can take place when Ph has a value in between 6,5 and 8.


Is so much important that we must understand each biochemical reaction in our body is produced only under a certain Ph. Hence the real rector of our biochemistry is the Ph state in every moment, now you’ll easily understand why we defend the fact that it shifts every millisecond, in fact so far it has never been mentioned within medical science. Ph would have a permanent value all along the 24 hours/day, life would become just impossible. Biochemical routes would never move, we human beings would be inert life which, in fact, is not life. That is why its alteration can produce innumerable pathologies.


Ph is an indicator of the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. It becomes determined by the number of hydrogen (H+) free ions in a substance… water dissolves almost all ions. Ph serves as an indicator that compares some of the most soluble ions in water.


The result of a pH measurement becomes determined by a reflexion in between the number of H+ ions and the number of hidroxilo (OH-) ions. When the number of H+ ions equals the number of hidroxilo ions the solution is neutral.  Its Ph will be around 7. When H+ ions predominate that is acid and when OH- ions predominate is basic. When one of them descend, the other one must ascend and vice verse since their product must be always constant.  Water Ph might varies in between 0 and 14. When in any substance its Ph is higher than 7 that substance is basic; when it goes below 7 that substance is acid. As much Ph moves away above or below 7, more basic or more acid that solution will be. 


PH is a logarithmic factor; when a solution becomes ten times more acid, its pH will become diminished in a unit. When a solution becomes one hundred times more acid its pH will become diminished in two units.


Always when an electrical load moves, generates an electromagnetic field, electrical loads in our body constantly are moving generating and electromagnetic field on its totality, a fluctuating field changing all along the 24 hours/day and precisely just because of this constant change biochemical routes move and life becomes possible since life is movement.


The static concept of pH accepted by traditional medicine is not true. In fact, really, it shift along the 24 hours/day in such a way that we awake up in acidosis and gradually it becomes transformed in alkalosis in late afternoon and we get sleepy happening then during the night just the opposite, that alkalosis is becoming transformed into acidosis up to be maximum at awakening time.


These Ph decantings throughout the 24 hours are produced by a biochemical cycle. Drowsiness is produced by alkalosis and that occurs because the neurone has no capacity to produce corrector lactic acid since it is strictly aerobic and only anaerobic or facultative cells have that power. This is one of the reasons why neurones, not so some others brain cells as the glía ones, suffer tumours.


Sometimes it does happen that this alphacetoglutarato cycle which regulates the Ph physiological balance, it does not work properly and our inside environment is kept in acidosis longer than it should do and more intensively giving rise to a numberless of pathologies.


Because you must understand, just about all well known pathologies deal with acidosis and, curiously, almost all of them with inflammation evidentially through blood test with increased C reactive protein, homocysteine, LDH, sedimentation rate and others, all of them inflammation index  and you must consider Inflammation is the first phase of immunity that is to say, of defence. We’ll speak about that and much talk took place along the conference and how it was taken care of acidosis as well as inflammation to relieve and to treat many different diseases.


Honestly we believe it is most interesting to all medical doctors or therapists whichever speciality might have, osteopath, naturopath, even psychotherapist since the brain, limbic system included its connexions with hypothalamus, hypophysis and all the other glands, etc. are implied in this pathogeny, even on its genesis and later on in aggravating it when it has been manifested.

Even atherosclerosis in many cases is due to an inadequacy of these cerebral axes- rest of the organism. There exists an intermediary mechanism common to the immense majority of diseases, may be each one of them produced by a different cause but, in all of them, our organism reacts on the same way starting a common mechanism which in fact is the one producing the symptomatology  and all biochemical disturbances as far as science finds on the diverse complementary tests, analytical radiographic, etc.


This mechanism is the result of the interaction of all the cellular groups, grouped into organs and systems with different functions but working all of them unanimously facing an aggression or dysfunction of any of them.


LDH (lactodresshynogenase)  is an enzyme which transforms pyruvic acid into lactic acid working only on anaerobiosis, that is to say, only when there is not oxygen; this biochemical rout it is known as lactic glycolysis  consuming great amount  of glucose but, finally,  producing energy under the form of ATP ( adenosine triphosphate).


Pyruvic acid comes from glycogen which is the glucose store inside the body, when lactic acid is produced it is consumed the glycogen. Pyruvic acid has two options or paths and can choose one or the other, when the area is oxygenated goes towards the Krebs tricarboxylic cycle and when the area is poorly oxygenated goes towards the lactic acid, in both cases producing energy (ATP).


In inflamed areas and in tumours lactic acid is produced since they are anaerobes tissues and in the blood of affected people is increased the enzyme LDH (lactodresshynogenase). When we do not find high levels in blood is because inflammation is quite small affecting only an small area which is due to the fact that the small quantity of enzyme secreted becomes diluted within patient’s blood totality (about 5 litters) and the variation or promotion is minimal, barely detectable; however when the tumour or inflammation are bulky, the LDH increase is always evident in the analysis  of blood.
You must understand just about the totality of human diseases involves inflammation, might it be evident or might not be so, and since inflammation produces lactic acid will produce acidosis (sometimes evident sometimes not in blood tests since there are not reliable methods for the analytical determination of blood acidosis) at a greater or lesser degree of organic general level.


Not surprisingly most diseases are the result of an assault, either internal or external one that launches a mechanism known as defence or immunological system and this response may be appropriate or inappropriate.


But there is a mistake long maintained from the bacteriological area with Pasteur and others which is understand the defence as an attack to a noxa or foreign substance, actually it has  been expanded even as an answer to internal stressors agents or as when the very same immune system Turns against its own body as in autoimmune diseases, etc. But this might be difficult to understand.


For example in trauma tremendous inflammations occurs, cells are destroyed by crushing, leukocytes get out of blood vessels and phagocyte, i.e. to swallow dead cells, however  “pus” is not formed unlike when attacking a foreign noxa, might it be a bacterium or even a foreing body, always “pus” is produced. Also in arthritis for instance there exists inflammation but no “pus” is produced and in many more pathologies.


Then, where is the difference? There exist leukocyte attacks with “pus” and some other without it but in all cases there exists inflammation and in all cases there exists phagocytosis or swallowing of irritant or trigger  by the leukocytes might it be a bacteria or a necrotic cell dead by the trauma.


“Pus” is mainly composed by dead microorganisms, dead white blood cells (polymorphonuclear neutrophils) and damaged tissue debris. In trauma “pus” is only produced when trauma is open and there exists bacteriological contamination or when the clinching object or blunt has entered the body and left within remains of that foreign substance, then having to meet other condition which is that the foreign object must be infected or contaminated because if it is not so only triggers inflammation but no “pus”.


What means only in infections “pus”  and inflammation are produced, however in many organic diseases (such as rheumatic ones and many more)  inflammation is produce without “pus” even in closed trauma but in all those cases leukocytosis is produced with increased neutrophil leukocytes and all blood parameters listed for inflammation.


When in an infectious situation we do administer antibiotics, “pus” is not produced, in case it was already produced and the antibiotics and the dose are adequate ceases production.


Thus “pus” represents the germ triumph over the leukocyte and are leukocytes “ leukocytes corpses” which have failed in their function, as well we can see another germ feature cancerous cell possesses or tumour which is to be reproduced.


Then, Why is it that “pus” is not produced in rheumatism or blunt trauma? Is it that leukocyte always succeeds in its mission, ie, there are no corpses leukocyte?


There is a disease in which being of internal cause a certain kind of blackish brownish “pus” is produced and that is the tumour in cancer disease, found within the tumour and as an answer to the leukocyte attack to cancer cells which are recognized by the body as foreign substances o noxas and that is because they have modified their genetic structure hence are not recognized as belonging. This is the only exception to the general rule because the cancer cell as the germ reproduces.


In just about all other diseases inflammation parameters in blood are increased and “pus” is not produced. That is to say detritus are not produced, remains of the battle are not observed, dead leukocytes are not observed, notwithstanding inflammation persists for years and years. Then the question is: is there offending agent or there is not? It may be there is not and inflammation starts in the absence of aggressor or active noxa, that is, with reproductive capacity (in the tumour it does exist aggressor forming that brownish liquid we’ve said).


But, if it does happen that there is not noxa or foreign substance in almost all human pathologies, at least at a large percent, why is it that inflammation occurs , that is, the immune system response? Could it be that it does when it shouldn’t? in fact What happens?

May be death cells occur and consequently triggers the leukocyte attack which always will overcome otherwise “pus” would be produced and this, in no one disease elapsing with inflammation (which are most of them) it is formed.


Little by little we’ll see how the prime condition for becoming inflammation produced in all those diseases is the vascular endothelial rupture, that is, the blood vessels damage and It has nothing to do occur or not death cells.


There is another consideration to be exposed and that is, as we’ll see later on, in order to leukocyte attack be produced it is required nitric oxide decrease, and this nitric oxide, mainly the one so called  endothelial, occurs in the vascular endothelium, which means there must be a break or injury to any blood vessel.


Blood vessels are upholstered on their inside by a layer of endothelial cells type, which are the ones nitric oxide producing, under physiological conditions, ie, nonaggression, secrete an appropriate amount.

This makes not coming leukocytes and platelets not added so that neither inflammation nor coagulations are caused. When this endothelium is injured nitric oxide decreases and those leukocytes and platelets which were kept at bay they do hurry up to the injury scene producing inflammation and coagulation. Besides that, decreases acetylcholine and there is narrowing of vessels, ie vasoconstriction.




There exist a nitric oxide produced by attacking leukocyte, named  inducible nitric oxide, it does so  in what is known by respiratory burst, since when leukocyte attacks consumes oxygen making the reaction so called NADPH oxidase producing large amount of free radicals as superoxide ion which is highly  toxic but especially makes something malignant as it is to react with nitric oxide forming what is called peroxynitrites and consequently nitric oxide (NO) becomes lowered even more in order to make easier there work since with a high NO  they couldn’t attack but their action would be inhibited.


That is in almost all diseases first blood vessels are injured, which lowers NO, leukocytes come to focus lowering even more NO, at the same time platelets come and fibrin mesh are formed which encapsulate and isolate the focus. In order to avoid NO too much lowering the body has a defence or appeal and that is the Glutahione and its enzymes since this tripeptide  is able to attack.


Adequately to the superoxide ion produced by the leukocyte which is responsible, as we already have commented, of greater NO lowering.


As we’ll see this glutathione in the body sometimes is severely decreased due to glutamine excess  spending which is one of  its constituent components, this is produced (as I’ll explain) in acidosis, ie when blood pH lowers below 7,4 for a long time and the physiological rhythm in between acidosis and alkalosis, commanded by alpha- ketoglutarate cycle is disrupted.


We make all this discussion to get to find the common intermediate mechanism for almost all diseases and try to fight them properly because if we don’t get to know all about this, we’ll never be able to find the remedy to control them. In this way we’ll help the physical and  psychological sufferings of these patients and their love ones.

In injuries increase the globular sedimentation rate, LDH, reactive C protein, all of them inflammation indexes as well as with infections  and also both present with  neutrophilic leucocytosis, ie, increase neutrophyl leucocytes  even in both of them proinflammatory cytokines are increased.


Logically there are other diseases not caused by an assault: those deprived of some fundamental to life biochemical substance such as avitaminose, some enzyme genetic deficiency, genetic disturbances as the trisomy of 21 pair, congenital malformations, congenital hypothyroidism, juvenile diabetes and many others.


Often it is the case that with no aggression mediate a serious pathology is produced by malfunction of immunological system that is to say, it might attack too much or even it does not or it does when it shouldn’t do.


We could say many diseases are due to an undue response of immune system sometimes without aggression mediate, those we could name them “ TROUBLESOME RESPONSE DISEASES”.

In fact this type of diseases constitute 99% of human diseases, all of them accompanied by inflammation.

Inflammation is the first step of immunity, is part of the so-called natural immunity and is fundamental to the defense of attacks since it protects the rest of the body of the dissemination and expansion of the offending agent might it be internal or external, that is to say, isolates and fights it. For instance in infectious isolates the germ avoiding its dissemination along the rest of the body besides combat it and tries to destroy it. In trauma occurs cells breakage but above all occurs blood vessels injuries which die becoming genuine organic corpses which must be eliminated otherwise would produce terrible damage, leukocytes take care of that work, previously to that the area becomes inflamed  being nitric oxide the initiatior of the inflammation process as produced by the vascular endothelium injured or traumatized.


The germ can invade our body and trigger an inflammation but it is necessary that injures a blood capillary and does so  by toxins, if the vascular tree is intact it is impossible to trigger inflammation. You must consider that all cells are irrigated by tiny blood capillaries and all areas are vascularised.


Blood circulation is the distribution to all body cells, of food molecules and as well of oxygen as well as the collection of carbon dioxide, water and ammonia or its derivatives which are waste products. Blood supplies chemical nutrients which are absorbed by the body cells at the same it takes the waste products released by them.


Unfailingly together with each cell there must be at least a blood capillary which might become injured by the germ toxin, in between the blood capillary and the cell there it is a liquid so called interstitial fluid.


Inflammation is in charge of the so called neutrophil leukocytes, the macrophages which are monocytes and the natural Killer cells which are lymphocytes. Besides all of that also are involved numerous other substances such as acetylcholine, Histamine, noradrenaline, the interleukins, nitric oxide, fibrinogen, fibrin,

Protein c reactive, complement factors, arachidonic acid, platelets, etc.

This inflammation produces lactic acid which diffuses trough the blood stream modifying its pH towards acid side; when inflammation is small scarcely it is modified. But if it is large in an area or several body regions at the same time as it does occur along serious diseases, this pH modification is big conveying big dislocation – as we’ll see later on - all throughout the body.


When inflammation immunological reaction is very violent or inappropriate inflammations can occur in many areas at once as it does happens with rheumatoid arthritis and others, producing severe acidosis which will aggravate the problem, producing more inflammation within a malignant circuit that is perpetuated over time since “THEY LOWER NITRIC OXIDE”.


The main question is: why immunological system triggers those so violent inflammatory reactions or sometimes inappropriate?  The answer is: by the decrease of nitric oxide rate caused by higher acidosis levels than physiological ones.


The true inflammation regulator is the nitric oxide-NO- (as we’ll see later on) which is the one we’ll regulate with the RESURGEN formula.


Inflammation produces acidosis on inside. This acidosis stimulates an enzyme which hydrolyzes glutamine, and to say it in someway, cleaves it  into glutamate   and ammonia, this happens when blood passes through the kidneys .


Ammonia is a gas and must steal hydrogen ions H+ to become transformed into liquid to be eliminated through urine. When it does so becomes transformed into ammonium ion NH4  since NH3  + H+ = NH4.


As it does so it cleans up inside medium of hydrogen ions + and when descending these ones, increase hydroxyl ions- and progressively inside medium enters in alkalosis.


Such is due to the fact that the product of hydrogen ions by hydroxyl ions must be constant and when hydrogen ions descend must be increased hydroxyl ions and we enter in alkalosis.


Thus ammonia is eliminated through urine under the form of ammonium ion, lowers blood acidosis in a progressive way transforming it into alkaline. In fact blood Ph is around 7,4 which is alkaline and the changes we’re talking about are around that value, ie, we could say is changing its alkalinity being more or less alkaline being possible to reach evident acidosis.


Any body inflammation modifies blood Ph towards acid side. When acidosis accurs glutamine is consumed and becomes lowered in blod, but glutamine is a component of glutathione (see drawing) and in order to refill those glutamine lost levels in blood glutathione is cleaved forming glutamine. This brings out serious consequences to health. Reduces glutathione and its enzymes, mainly glutathione is the largest neutralizer and eliminator of body free radicals.


The main free radical is the superoxide ion. If glutathione lowers in blood can’t be properly neutralized the toxic superoxide radical and dangerously rises.


Superoxide radical reacts with nitric oxide to form peroxinitrites but because of this nitric oxide lowers down (NO) which will excite countless disorders, above all, hyper inflammations, ie, will be excited an inflammation process disorder (later on we’ll explain that).

Summarizing when being in acidosis, glutamine will descend which will lower glutathione, consequently will ascend free radicals lowering nitric oxide causing countless number of diseases.




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