Magnetized Water


Magnetized water

Scientific work property of Resurgen®.

Date: 02/11/12.


RESURGEN is made up with diluted seawater and prior to be packed is subjected for longer than a month to a magnetic field of over 10000 gauss, which provides it with special qualities about which we’re going to talk.


At the end of this essay a clinical trial is presented performed at the Polyclinic Lawton in La Habana City (Cuba) regarding the amazing effects of magnetized water on 60 cardiac patients (angina pectoris) and 30 of them with varicose veins.


Once treatment started after three months became most evident the disappearance of clinical symptoms in both patients groups under study and was demonstrated the efficacy of the therapeutic strategy being practiced with the achievement of the disappearance of the clinical symptoms of the studied diseases.


The water characteristics such as temperature, density, surface tension, viscosity and conductivity become transformed by magnetism. Water subjected to magnetic force helps the removal of salt deposits usually formed at the pipes and machines ducts. By its use in agronomy has been achieved the crops speed increase in about out of 50% up to 100%. As well has been discovered using magnetized water in the concrete preparation for construction it becomes much more resistant in between 20 up to 50% over normal concrete. In fact this industry and agriculture “miracles” did draw scientist’s attention since several past decades regarding the magnetized water therapeutic properties.


This does not mean that in old times men were unaware of magnetized water. Streams running in between natural magnets shaped under stones or rocks became magnetized and that water, when consumed by those times people endowed them with energy producing miracle cures. But most probably they never came to understand the cause of such a phenomenon but accepted it reverently considering it as a divine gift. Undoubtedly they ignored how to magnetize water within their own houses by using natural magnets and, on the other hand, those natural magnets were extremely scarce. Currently permanent magnets are manufactured of any kind and magnetized water is not any more a mystery. Hence let us start to examine water magnetization and other liquids such as jugs, milk, beer, oils, etc. and their use for medicinal purpose.


How to magnetize liquids

When water or any other liquid contact with a permanent magnet for certain time magnetism pervasive it producing, as we’ve said, changes on the liquid properties becoming magnetized. Water might enter in contact with the magnet under the three following ways:


1. Over an empty container hangs a magnet and with a very fine jet water is poured up to fill the container. This method reproduce what happens in nature when a water stream becomes magnetized when flowing through magnetic mineral deposits.. In Russia is being used this method on industrial scale to magnetize bid amounts of water for which Russians use high power electromagnets. Nevertheless this method has two drawbacks. Being the magnet constantly in touch with water can be oxidized and then the oxide can pass into the water. The second drawback yet much more important, the water really is in contact with the magnet only for few seconds and most probably will not be sufficiently magnetized unless the used magnet might be extremely powerful. Even more, with this method magnetization achieved will be only of a certain degree; it is not possible to obtain different magnetization degrees. And finally obtaining magnetized liquids only with the North Pole or only with the South Pole with this method is just impossible.


2. In the second method a magnet is placed in a vessel full of water and allowed in between six up to eight hours or even more.. In this method as well the magnet by sure will become oxidized time going along; oxide in suspension will spoil the water and no longer will be good for drink. Even more if we wanted magnetize milk or beer would not be appropriate to dip a magnet on them. Most probably will be possible to obtain different grades of magnetization with this method but it does not allow separate magnetization by North Pole and South Pole.


3. For authors the ideal way to magnetize a liquid is to fill two bottles, jars or any other flat bottom container, place one of them at the centre of a magnet having exposed North Pole and the other on a magnet with exposed South Pole. Magnets must be metallic, disk shaped and get 8 up to 10 cm. diameter so that the bottom of each container covering the surface of each one of the magnets.


Containers must be of glass, stainless steel or plastic, all those materials allowing magnetism freely flow and act on the liquid. With this method there is not any danger for oxide to become mixed with the liquids and containers can remain over the magnets as long as it might be needed thereby affording different grades of magnetization. When containers are removed from the magnets, magnetized liquids can be mixed and be kept within bottles which can be labelled as “Bipolar” or as well can be kept within separated bottles marking them as “North pole” and “South pole”. Authors use only this method to magnetize water.


Two aspects to be considered

Speaking on water magnetization or any other liquid is convenient to consider the magnetization degree and the therapeutic utility of magnetization bipolar or unipolar; magneto therapy still is under development and yet to be defined and establish water and other liquids magnetization standards.


Regarding magnetization degree this depends on three conditions:

1) Amount of liquid put on the magnet,

2) The magnet power,

3) The time the liquid is in contact with the magnet.


The problem is that, even we can measure the magnet strength; we’ve not specific method to measure the magnetization degree of water and other liquids. In the absence of a measurement scale we only might be guided by own experience. The method authors use consists in setting two 1 litter water jars over each one of both rounded magnet poles of about 3000 gauss, generally from 12 up to 14 hours. Water that magnetized to an specific grade and afterwards mixed has given quite good results, hence the authors have adopted this method as their routine work procedure.


This magnetized water is prescribed as an auxiliary of magnetic treatment for just about all diseases. Authors prescribe 3 daily doses: one early in the morning before breakfast, and the other two ones after meals. Each dose will be 60 ml for adults, 30 ml for teen agers and two table spoons for children under three years old. In some cases the prescribe dose produce some heat or dryness; if so the patient can reduce the dose or dilute it by mixing the same amount of simple water with magnetized one. Nevertheless this practice is based just in our own experience, not supported by any scientific authority.


Evidently different magnetization degrees necessarily cause distinct effects, as well magnetized water and other liquids in different grades become curative agents qualitatively diverse for use in different ailments. Magneto therapists have been experimenting in this fields but thorough research is needed to establish standards for different magnetization grades from scientific view point as well as therapeutic one.


The Three types of Water

Doctor Hahnermam used to prepared three homeopathic medicines from the different magnet effects: one with full magnet, that is, the combination of both poles, another one with North pole and the other one with the South pole. He did identify precise symptoms of the diseases to be treated with each one of those three medicines.. These same principles are applied in the case of magnetized water.. So far therapists usually prescribed only bipolar water to all patients just about for any disease which in fact has been successful but definitely magnetized water will give better effects if we consider the three types of water: - bipolar, North pole and South pole- as individual entities and we use them as specific therapeutic aids considering the ailment specific nature. The symptoms Hahnermam identified when using each one of magnetic medicines as well as the effects basically different for both poles could serve us as a safety guide although rudimentary for use of the three waters as independent medicines which could expand research horizons. Hence the three magnetized waters at different degrees might represent to magnet-therapy a large number of therapeutic auxiliaries allowing it to become a perfect and precise practice.


Other Liquids

As we previously have said there are other beneficial liquids for health which as well can be magnetized to be used with much better results for diverse diseases treatment, minor ailments and weakness. Daily consumption of non-fat yogurt placed over south pole for about half an hour provides vigor and vitality in cases of weakness and exhaustion. This yogurt has proved to be very useful in recovery or increased sexual potency.


Diverse fruits juice treated with magnetism become much more refreshing and more nutritious. Besides yogurt and juices oils with medicinal properties as well might be magnetized to make them more effective especially in cases of hair falling and skin problems. Olive oil magnetized can be quite helpful in gout treatment and rheumatism.


What for is useful magnetized water

Experience has shown magnetized water is helpful for the treatment of almost all diseases, specially is beneficial in digestive conditions, nervous and urinary ones.


Magnetized water reduces excess acidity and bile within the digestive system and normalized bowel movements expelling the accumulation of toxic materials. In this way completely clean the system, improves digestion, increases appetite, expels disease and gives health and energy to the person who takes it regularly. It is advisable even healthy people take magnetized water to stay free of discomfort or digestive ailments. For usual consumption is used water which has been magnetized for four to six hours.


This wonderful water is also very good with nervous ailments and for blood pressure mainly for low pressure. It produces calmant effect and slightly sedative on the nervous system, helps to clear blocked arteries, normalizes circulatory system, nourishes and strengthens.


Besides all these properties, magnetized water is effective in asthma treatment, bronchitis, colds, coughs and all types of fever.


Is also recommended external use of this water for inflamed eyewash or irritated, wounds, eczema outbreaks, etc. for faster recovery. In all types of ophthalmic infections surprising results are achieved if washing eyes several times a day with magnetized water North Pole. To maintain a normal view nothing better than daily eyes washing with magnetized water.


Magnetized water has many possibilities, little known and many of them to be discovered. For the sake of humanity should be undertaken serious research and keep a faithful record of most complete and concrete forms to exploit and use this “divine gift” since in the medical world there is nothing neither that cheap nor so easy to get as is this water. Any person can prepare it most easily within her own house with a pair of magnets.

Process of Magnetization

It is requires two disc shaped magnets one with north pole exposed and other with south pole exposed.. These two magnets must be of 8 up to 10 cm diameter and have a force 2000 up to 3000 gauss. Take two pitchers, bottles or any other glass recipient having flat bottom, fill them with clean water. You can use well water or river one but be sure is filtered before placed over the magnets. Recipient’s bottoms must be cleaned up and dried. One of them is placed over the north pole of one magnet and the other over the south pole of the second magnet. Cover the recipients and left them over the magnets during the needed time to magnetize the water. If you don’t get disc shaped magnets, any other type of magnet might be used having 2000 up to 3000 gauss force placing them so that the north pole of one magnet is in touch with external side of recipient and the south pole of the other magnet is in touch with the second recipient.


Elapsed needed time recipients are removed from the magnets. If we’re to use bipolar water both recipients are emptied in one so that both types of water become mixed and is kept in clean bottles. If it is required water of both polarities, the water just magnetized is not mixed (or mix just some) and is kept in separated bottles marked with labels “North pole” or “South pole”. Any liquid will be magnetized under the same way.


Should be added before Batmanghelidj, Ramos or Gross many other persons spoke about the importance of water for life. Such is the case of French René Quinton who by the end of XIX century based that on the fact that everything alive in the planet - from the sap of plants to all species bloodstreams – proceeds and is constituted by it. And more specifically, of sea water (RESURGEN component). Hence to study it thoroughly became his obsession. Hereby he could demonstrate numerous diseases could be cured with sea water either by bathing, consuming it in small doses or even replacing human blood plasma by sea water duly treated. Nowadays purified sea water draw out from deep depths helps to cure or improve symptoms of diverse pathologies such as skin ailments –psoriasis included- , un nourishment, asthma, prostate problems, arthritis, osteoporosis, bronchitis, gingivitis, gastrointestinal problems, central nervous system unbalanced and immune system, obesity, chronic fatigue, sinusitis, anorexia and stress, among many other ailments. In Spain actually only is authorized its use as dietetic complement even along decades has been shown its therapeutic properties. Even in cancer and HIV cases.


RESURGEN is elaborated with diluted sea water submitted to a magnetic field of 10000 gauss during one month.


Doctor Felicisimo Ramos affirms in his work “Magnetized water” (Mandala Edit.) magnetized water is most efficient in the treatment for abscesses, acidity, acne, afta, allergies, amenorrea, anorexia, arthritis, asthma, goiter, bronchitis, cramps, biliary calculus, renal calculus, cancer, dandruff, cataracts, cold, sciatica, colics, colitis, conjunctivitis, convulsions, muscular weakness, diabetes, diarrhea, urinary difficulties, heart difficulties, dysentery, dismenorrea, dyspepsia, disuria, boils, pain (head, back, molar teeth, knees, etc.), eczemas, gums, enuresis, scalds, espondilitis, espondilosis, constipation, fever, fistule, fissure, flatulence, fractures, blows, gonorrhea, gout, haemorrhoids, hepatitis, wounds, hernia, herpes, hidrocele, hypertension, inflammations, insomnia, icteria, leucoderma, leucorrea, lumbago, malaria, migraine, nephritis, edginess, pneumonia, neuralgia, neuritis, obesity, throbs, goiters, paralysis, lost of memory, stings, pyorrhoea, polio, polyps, arterial high pressure, sight problems, prostatitis, psoriasis, burns, rickets, rheumatism, rubella, measles, syphilis, sinusitis, typhus, dye, twistings, tracoma, biliary disorders, tuberculosis, breast tumors, uterus tumors, sore, nettle-rash, chicken-pox, vegetations, dizziness, vomits, etc. Besides it improves blood circulation, reduces cholesterol index and strengthen immune system. Just nothing!!


A new treatment model in medical sciences: magnetized water
René F. Espinosa Alvarez, Jesus F. Novoa Blanco,y Jose de la Luz Montero Garcia

60 Patients with Chest angina are surrender to treatment and 30 other ones with diagnose of varicose veins in the low members. It is indicated that to achieve the disappearance of clinical symptoms in both groups of patients they are prescribed water ingestion or any other liquids previously magnetized and a satisfactory response is achieved in the totality of the studied patients.


In the scientific literature there exist references related to magnetic field application in the therapeutics of cardiovascular diseases which is carried out by means of patients direct irradiation with magnetic fields of controlled frequencies.


Cardiovascular diseases nowadays are those with major morbidity and mortality index, mainly in developed countries, simultaneously occupying first place of these medical disorders in terms of economic cost. 1


In the last decades innumerable investigations have been carried out oriented to diminishing morbidity and mortality indexes of cardiovascular diseases and to this respect the fight against risk factors and the help of pharmacology they have been two fundamental props.


This investigation equipment considered to use a physical method (magnetized water) with the aim to achieve the disappearance of those clinical symptoms expression of an irrigation deficit in the studied diseases.


To such an effect they took as item points the followings

1. Water is the most important substance for life down together with oxygen and constitutes around 60-70% of adults body weight and even more than 99% of their molecules composition. Cell lives in a watery environment and herself is largely formed by water 2


2. Magnetic treatment of water is based on the magnetic induction principle o Faraday’s that prevents calcareous inlays being formed and gradually it eliminates the already existing ones in industrial installations formed in those places where it circulates. 3


It is well known that induced magnetization in water beside having a permanency (water memory) for about 24 hours, modifies its physicist-chemistries properties transcendent to its biological and chemical properties; it is know as well its superficial tension is modified having other characteristics improving its behaviour as solvent and as a mean for physicochemical processes in such a way that it is presumable that increases the liquid exchange across the body membranes and hence all electrolytic exchange and of other type might become favoured.


Essential advantages of water magnetized treatment:

1. It does not need expenses in chemical products to control the inlays

2. It needs neither follow up nor quality control not even analysis due to the own process

3. The water quality is not altered

4. The treatment not only prevents the formation of new inlays but it eliminates the already existing ones.



One analysis was realized with an study group constituted by 60 patients with the diagnosis of spontaneous and of effort chest angina and another group with 30 patients presenting varicose veins in low members having clinical symptomatology (pain, inconveniences, numbness, cramps, etc.). It was planned to magnetize the water or the liquids patients were up to take in an installation consisting of one permanent magnet placed under the recipient containing the water (plastic, glass or aluminium). The precise liquid is magnetized by periods of less than one second before consumed. All patients started treatment in January 1993 not suspending the medicinal therapy they were leading on. It was realized a monthly follow up of studied diseases clinical symptoms.


Current country situation prevented the accomplishment of complementary studies later to the magnetized water treatment, such as electrocardiography, ergo metric tests, coronary graphics, etc. neither were carried out anatomo pathological studies since no death took place until January 1994.



All patients gave good reception to magnetized water treatment. No one case was lost since clinical discipline was 100%. After three months treatment started become obvious the disappearance of clinical symptoms in both study groups, which most probably is related to a functional vascular improvement what does allow to deduce the probability of a patients structural betterment.



Though up to where we’ve been able to check we’ve not found any bibliography allowing us to compare our results it is not less true that could be demonstrated the benefits magnetized water brings in the treatment of all patients under study which does stimulate us and open doors to further researches linked with the described proceed.


So far it is well known magnetized water capacity to avoid calcareous inlays and of dissolving them for industrial processes. Nevertheless is low the knowledge level regarding its values applicable to human health, hence we’ve been obliged to follow the so call “cybernetic methodology of black box” to be able to develop our experimental work.


It was well shown the efficacy of therapeutic strategy carried on when was achieved the disappearance of clinical symptoms in the studied diseases.



Precise through required methods the influence of magnetized water treatment over the functional damage and structural vascular in these types of patients.


SUMMARY: 60 patients with angina pectoris and other 30 with varices in the lower limbs underwent this treatment. The ingestion of previously magnetized water or other liquids is indicated to make the clinical symptoms disappear in both groups of patients. A satisfactory response was obtained in all the cases under study.


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Dr. René F. Espinosa Álvarez. Ave 103-B No.2817 entre 28 y 30, Reparto Magdalena, Cotorro, Ciudad de La Habana 40, Cuba.
1. Especialista de I Grado en Medicina General Integral. Asistente del Policlínico Lawton. Ciudad de La Habana.
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