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Resurgen 1 unit

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• Anti aging! - Increases Glutathione - the body's most powerful antioxidant

• Regulates pH balance of the body

• Naturally boosts immune system, with help of transfer factors

• 100% natural!

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Resurgen® - Natural Product
Formula Original. Recommendations of use

• Prevents cataracts.

• It prevents retinopathy.

• Prevents cancer, inducing cancer cell apoptosis (death of cancer cells).

• Reduces the adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, as well as treatment with interferon and others.

• Optimizes and improves outcomes for cancer patients treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

• Prevents the development of metastasis in tumors and inhibits amilogenesis (tumor vascularization).

• Improving the adverse symptoms of cancer, such as pain, bleeding and others.

• Control the growth of tumours.

• Detoxifies the liver and cells of the lymphatic system.

• Controls and prevents asthma attacks in asthmatics.

• Controls the intrinsic lung disease, a non-dependent pulmonary hypertension by right heart failure.

• Increases immune system function.

• Delays the aging process, application of singular geriatric controlling Oseas degeneration, arthritis and other pathologies that sad old age.

• Prevents aging of unique application in the middle ages of life, to prevent adverse symptoms and disabling diseases of the future, then when it comes to making the elderly a quality of life without adverse symptoms and slowing themselves by using the onset of symptoms in Alzheimer's disease.

• Protect red blood cells.

• Detoxifies many toxic to those who are exposed daily, including all types of radiation and carcinogens.

• Protector to colds and viral diseases.

• In the post to restore the earlier and better condition.

• In AIDS, for its powerful antioxidant and immune system enhancer.

• Prevention and treatment of postmenopausal osteoarthritis.

• Helps prevent coronary heart crisis and myocardial infarction or stroke, with its disabling effects, especially with hemiplegia (very important to prevent aging and its complications).

• Helps prevent arteriosclerosis.

• In prolonged treatment, helps regulate atherosclerosis.

• Prevention of diabetes-related macular degeneration and even other retinoplastia Diabetic complications such as diabetic ulcers, etc.

• Anti-inflammatory in any condition.

• Control and prevent arthritis in the joints to improve the quality of life, adult or elderly person, or by reducing their symptoms disappear.

• Have an action in any antihistamine and anti-pathology as asthma or allergic rhinitis, allergic skin including eczema.

• Corrects and prevents almost all skin pathologies including psoriasis which can be administered directly to the skin.

• Prevents and mitigates any degenerative disease, including multiple sclerosis and other mitigating and spacing crises.

• Protects the peroxidation of lipids.

• Improving the basal metabolism.

• Slows the aging process.

• Antiviral Action.

• Oligoterapico total since departed almost all elements of the periodic table (metals and non-metals) by sea water, in any single application.

How else can RESURGEN help?

• Antiaging! - increases Glutathione - the body's most powerful antioxidant

• Regulates pH balance of the body

• Naturaly boosts immune system, with help of transfer factors.

Information about RESURGEN

Register number in European Union: NUT/PL/AS 1870/1
Spanish National Code: CN. 177995.3
Register number in FDA: 2608853370

Net weight: 100 ml / 3,38 oz.
Presentation: Oral spray

Made in Spain.


Water, sea water, antioxidant (ascorbic acid), aloe (Aloe vera L.), preservative (potassium sorbate), royal jelly, propolis, cow colostrum (transfer factor), red clover (Trifolium pratense L.), ginseng (Panax Ginseng), common bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.), Phosphatidylserine (from soya), L-arginine, glutamic acid, L-cysteine, glycine, soy isoflavones (Glycine max L.), folic acid (40%)*, green tea ( Camellia sinensis L.), corector acidity (citric acid), pomelo (Citrus maxima L.), olive (Olea europaea L.). * Recommended Daily Allowance.

Dosage or form of administration

Use 6 sprays in back of mouth (inhaling deeply at the same time), 4 times a day. If 6 sprays in one deep inhale is too difficult to do, do 3 sprays and repeat again. Use separately from food and snacks.

Recommended Daily Serving

6 sprays 4 times a day.

Terms of Use

Keep product in a dry, cool and dark place. This product is not a substitute for a balanced diet and healthy living. Keep out of reach of children.



Maria Jose 04/11/2015

Sobre enzimas hepáticas

Mi hermana fue diagnosticado con cirrosis hepática, que no tiene tratamiento específico en la medicina convencional. En menos de un mes tomando RESURGEN consiguió normalizar todos sus valores de enzimas hepáticas.

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Jose 02/07/2015

Muchas gracias!

Yo he padecido de un asma terrible desde los 7 años de edad. Ya hace 2 semanas que estoy utilizando el RESURGEN. En el pasado yo he utilizado más de 15 medicamentos e inhaladores, por el momento solamente estoy utilizando una dosis mucho más baja que la que el doctor me recetó.

Olga 12/08/2014

Resurgen - just saving for our mother

Resurgen - just saving for our mother, she is 87 years old and has arthritis. After two weeks after the start on Resurgen she was able to wear her own shoes, sitting to lift his leg and reaches out to the toe. Also, once we found her so busy - arranging brushes on mats. All her life she was a perfectionist, and in recent years due to her health conditions she was not able to do many things… but now she can do them again. We are very happy to learn about such a great product as Resurgen and recommend it to all our friends, especially the elderly ones. Olga, Moscow.

Ольга. 10/25/2014

Resurgen – просто спасение для нашей мамы

Resurgen – просто спасение для нашей мамы, ей 87 лет и у нее артрит. Через две недели после начала приема она смогла самостоятельно одевать туфли, сидя поднимать ногу и дотягивается до носка. Также однажды мы застали ее за таким занятием – поправкой кисточек на половике. Она всю жизнь была перфекционисткой и в последние годы из-за здоровья мало что могла делать, а тут опять перфекционизм дал о себе знать.. Мы очень довольны Ресурхеном и рекомендуем его всем нашим друзьям, и особенно пожилым людям. Ольга, Москва.

Виталий 10/13/2014

Отзыв о Resurgen

Хочу поделиться моим результатом. Я в течение многих лет страдал астмой. О Resurgen я узнал от моей хорошей знакомой. Чего я только не перепробовал за эти годы, а она мне посоветовала – попробуй, слышала что помогает, может и тебе поможет? Особых надежд у меня не было, но все равно решил попробовать. В начале использования Resurgen у меня было небольшое обострение, но уже через неделю все наладилось и приступы практически прекратились. На настоящий момент я использую Resurgen вот уже как два месяца и мое состояние значительно улучшилось. Я очень рад что встретил этот замечательный БАД! С уважением, Виталий.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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Resurgen 1 unit

Resurgen 1 unit

• Anti aging! - Increases Glutathione - the body's most powerful antioxidant

• Regulates pH balance of the body

• Naturally boosts immune system, with help of transfer factors

• 100% natural!

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